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Pensions: the Senate rejects the creation of a hardship Account

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Pensions: the Senate rejects the creation of a hardship Account

The Senate rejected the creation of a drudgery account in the pension reform.

Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes

This is one of the main points of the pension reform bill that was retoqué. Senators rejected on the night of Wednesday to Thursday the creation of a personal account of arduous work.

Unsurprisingly, the right UMP and centrist, voted against, and the non-attached. To the left he missed the voices of 20 senators communists who abstained while the PS, almost all of RDSE (predominantly PRG) and the Greens voted for.

Denouncing "the financial stake in the burden on businesses," which represents the creation of this account, Gerard Longuet (UMP) said that "by 2020, we will in a dead end that can only be filled by contributions companies or state funding "and that his group could not vote in the state.

Gerard Roche (UDI-UC), meanwhile, found a "confusion between two components that should be distinguished, prevention and repair." He also felt that there was uncertainty about the decrees and financial uncertainty.

But for Claude Jeannerot (PS), this account is "rather an investment, which will eventually produce savings when the drudgery has been removed" because it "aims to eradicate any hardship."

Dominique Watrin (Communist, Republican and a citizen), if it is progress, the drudgery account "is not a panacea." "Too many questions have not been answered. Too many paragraphs refer to orders, so we speak on a mechanism which we know the terms," ​​he has said, explaining his abstention group.

The day before, the Senate had voted against another essential point of the bill, the lengthening of the contribution period.

At the end of the debate next Tuesday, the rejection of the entire text is expected, the government does not have majority in the Senate where he needs all the voices of the left, PS, RDSE, ecologists and CRC to adopt its texts. However, from the outset, CRC expressed its opposition to this reform, he said, "addresses the youth."

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