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Peter Goldman, story of a TV movie

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Peter Goldman, story of a TV movie

Samuel Benchetrit


This is Hervé Chabalier, head of the agency CAPA, who had the idea to make a film about Pierre Goldman. This generation sacrificed icon of the 1970s no longer mean anything to people under 40 years. Pierre Goldman, it was a protester who had joined the Venezuelan guerrillas in the 1960s, a marginal who did not find his place in France, an off-the-law. Accused of murdering two pharmacists, he will shout his innocence (particularly obscure in his autobiography Memories of a Polish Jew born in France) and his trial will mobilize intellectuals like Jean-Paul Sartre. He was assassinated in the street in 1979.

Dan Franck, whose work on Carlos won the admiration, is contacted to adapt the disparate lives of Pierre Goldman for television. Dan Franck had long denied this. He must solve a crucial point: the murder. Goldman was convicted and acquitted. It must also be careful not to make this complex personality political hero, a victim of racism or an unscrupulous gangster. And this a bit at a time.

Soon, the team flashes on Samuel Benchetrit to interpret the mythical figure. Director I wanted to be a gangster and Chez Gino, the man is not an actor. But his physical resemblance and enthusiasm haunt the producers. Many directors refuse to direct the non actor. Christophe Blanc (White as Snow) the challenge. Benchetrit immerses himself in his character. He studied his gestures, meeting all the people who attended.

The shooting took place in Belgium. Only two scenes will be shot on the spot where they happened: the murder of pharmacists and the assassination of Pierre Goldman. That day, the director and the camera crew closely studying an old Paris Match. Double-page it contains an Pierre Goldman snapshot lying on the ground moments after his death. Striking. Tirelessly, Samuel Benchetrit falls and falls. As the illusions of the 1970s.

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