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Philippe Jaccottet Pléiade: the triumph of poetry

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Philippe Jaccottet Pléiade: the triumph of poetry

Philippe Jaccottet in Paris in 1987.


This is an expected consecration: the work of Philippe Jaccottet published in the collection of the Library of the Pleiades. It was running since Starobinski, friend, prefaced in 1971 in the collection Poetry / Gallimard republication of four books of poems written between 1946 and 1967: The Barn, The Ignorant, Air and Lessons. We must reread this preface is the cheapest text, fraternal ever written on Jaccottet. The requirement of critical joined to the poet distrust towards all the comedies that threaten the credibility of speech in many of his contemporaries.

Thinking preserve its essential purpose, they have often ended up enlisting. "Philippe Jaccottet never says what he believes to say, writing Starobinski This is what we must name the ethical basis of this poetry. Jaccottet does not believe that the truth is just a word or it is unrealistic to try to combine in a indissoluble bond, the real with the poetic word. " As we are far from the masquerade of the century! This volume brings together the Pleiades that José-Flore Tappy called in his introductory note the "creative works". These are all the texts Jaccottet in prose or verse, excluding critical works (monographs or Rilke Gustave Roud, collections of articles or chronic gathered in the maintenance of the Muses, a secret transaction or Writings paper journal), also excluding travel prose and occasional pieces.

This publication is a consecration

Accordance with the wishes of the author, the set of "creative works" was reordered according to his original timeline, each piece located at the time of its first publication. Hopefully the critical texts will be a second volume, both soundness of judgment exercised therein belongs to the same basic concern of truth that governed the poetic work. Combining praise and reserve Jaccottet it highlights for each author discussed mainly in that it has a singular and unquestionable.

Thus his critical works they a reference introduction to poetry, literature in general, for the true lovers tired of scientific claims academics. "Art, again, is not made for art specialists," he wrote in a text devoted to Palézieux recorder which only a poet can say about snowy landscapes they have " color of the Unicorn ".

This publication we have said, is a consecration. This is also an opportunity. This can now take with us wherever we go, the work of one to whom will always our confidence. A chance for sure for those who have stopped attending his books, rushed on each new book coming out, coming back regularly and can not help thinking of one or the other page discovering at the end of winter, "the happy fog almond" or, at the end of spring, "the relatively slow explosion and perfectly silent" peonies.

A chance also for the evening fell oppresses when, over the years, their faith in poetry falters, and then feel an infinite gratitude to reading some unforgettable confidences. About a Bach cantata, for example, specifically about a voice that rises above the instrumental swell as "backward jubilation of the lark", these words seem to hesitate on the threshold night: "To listen, it is no longer tomb that takes." Formerly, it was the first blackbird repairing the world: "At the Tuileries, about seven o'clock in the extended light lamps A thin moon like a knife The black bird in the black branches of the blackbird singing to you.... stops, makes looking up even hurried passers. Suddenly brings order. "

But in the evening of our life at the time "to be locked up with the devils more or less aggressive, more or less offensive to the final degradation", what blackbird, cantata what we rise, we will remove to put us further away time? You must read Philippe Jaccottet through. The love until our last breath.

OEuvres by Philippe Jaccottet, 1728 p., Library of the Pleiades / Gallimard, € 59 until June 30, then € 66.50.

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