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Pisa, "super salmon" substitutes "flying" ... a week at school for the Web

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Pisa, "super salmon" substitutes "flying" ... a week at school for the Web

The French, all zero in math?

Life away from school. Five weeks of paternity leave, without class support. Happiness? Depression, rather, says on his blog Jean Tévélis, a school teacher. "I was missing. Lacking cries differences, disrespect, lack of understanding. In lack of humans. In humans decade. And adults too. Lacking my colleagues. In the criticize, and they criticize me. "

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"The French are zero in math." "Dummies", maybe not, but significantly worse in 2012 than in 2003, according to the latest lifting of the Pisa survey released Tuesday. Super Bugs blog author has fun drawing: Ministers are, according to him, the best in computing students.

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. Math always a time when Pisa asks how to teach this discipline in France, the blog Pédagogeek sharing an interesting educational initiative: to enrich learning with video explanations ... undertaken by the students themselves . "I really feel that the trace is not just a document that we glue or copying in the notebook, the author explains, supporting examples. The students are the perpetrators, they created it from the beginning to the end. (...) I have the feeling that the acquisition of concepts is [as] much more sustainable and fixed. "

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TZR vocation. Three letters to designate the "Holders of Replacement Zone". Is a teacher, often young, which connects the diverse and varied replacements. A position as a substitute sometimes heavy "flying" described on his blog. "Lately I met several TZR like me. Finally, longer than me, she says. They are still young teachers. And it strikes me back each time the same lassitude, the same disillusionment then they should not be worn by the profession. "

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Two small beads to complete. The first issue of a copy, and the second, to change, drawn from a registration form distributed at school.

WOW! This is Super Salmon!

- Pearls of Copies (TopDesCopies) November 8, 2013

The list of supporting documents required to enroll my daughter in the canteen includes a "Full copy of the child". How can I do? #Perle

- Julien Valette (Julien_Valette) August 28, 2013

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