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Primary PS: what is fishing for elected officials?

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Primary PS: what is fishing for elected officials?

Senator-Mayor (PS) of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, said Wednesday on LCI that socialists should be primary primary "confirmation" and assured that a duo of François Hollande at the Elysée and Matignon Martine Aubry would "the dream of the French." Guay

Netherlands West Indies, Aubry in Valencia, Royal Sarcelles. The candidates for the Socialist primary claim that elected rallies are useless, however, for two weeks, they tour the socialist sections and do not spare their efforts to garner support. What are they looking really running after local officials?

"Each candidate shows its strengths"

When a candidate for the primary receives support in general he rubs his hands. According to its political dimension, the chosen makes it possible to give more echo his message. "It helps to increase our visibility in the media," admits frankly Stéphane Le Foll, right arm Francois Hollande.

The aim is also to show a dynamic assembly, said a Socialist deputy who has not yet chosen sides. "The party is in a haka phase, each candidate shows his strength to scare the enemy. We are still in a pre-conference of Socialist culture. There are still old automation, the herd instinct, probably" coldly analyze this parliamentarian.

"Aubry and Hollande are playing on the symbols"

The contribution of his supporters also can meet any deficiencies candidates. While at the party, some believe that François Hollande lack of density on the sovereign subjects appear alongside a Pierre Moscovici, recognized for its international jurisdiction, or Jerome Cahuzac, chairman of the Committee on Finance enables its ruggedness.

"Martine Aubry and Francois Hollande play on symbols. As we live with our fellow men, when displayed alongside someone who is competent, it gives the impression of be," said a Socialist deputy .

Although it is not a socialist congress, candidates rely on their elected officials to serve as relays on the ground. For the spokesman Arnaud Montebourg, Thierry Mandon, "Martine Aubry and Francois Hollande have not primary culture and are convinced that local officials will determine the final outcome."

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