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Railway accident in Quebec: two bodies found

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Railway accident in Quebec: two bodies found

Despite the heat, two other bodies were found at the scene of the train disaster on July 6 in Quebec. Duguay

Two more bodies were extracted Monday from downtown devastated the Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic, bringing to 37 the number of bodies found on the fifty victims of the train accident of July 6, announced the local police .

The balance sheet remains unchanged

The heat wave that struck last weekend on the Francophone province difficult for investigators. "The research work is demanding, it took place at a temperature of about 52 degrees Celsius," he said at a press conference Inspector Michel Forget, spokesman for the Sûreté du Québec ( the province's police).

"The reports keep coming, one is always the figure of 50 people (missing)," he added.

Towards a "class action"?

The first elements of the investigation suggest that an employee of the railway company in question has been negligent bad snapping the train brakes, but authorities have warned that the investigation would take several months.

Already, a team of lawyers led by a lawyer of Lac-Mégantic, Daniel Larochelle, filed a "motion for authorization of a class action" on behalf of the victims' families against the offending American company, The Montreal , Maine & Atlantic. "The lawsuit was filed to compensate the many victims of Lac-Mégantic who suffered serious losses," said the lawyer in a statement.

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