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Rama Yade, an icon in the harbor

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Rama Yade, an icon in the harbor

The youngest of the government is the one that has the highest score: 34,57%. But competing as No. 2 on the list of Hauts-de-Seine, Rama Yade had also chosen a very favorable Department Nicolas Sarkozy.

REUTERS / Charles Platiau

When it does not, it does not. Anxious not to be upstaged by the announcement of Dominique de Villepin, originally scheduled on December 13, Rama Yade had chosen to move to 12 an interview that should have appeared the next day in the local pages of the Parisian interview where she explained the reasons for his candidacy in the second district of Hauts-de-Seine.

Heck and re-damn! Not only Villepin has changed its plans to invite 20 hours on TF1 on 11, but he has a surprise (and buzz) indicating that he had every intention to attend the presidential election. Exit political interest projects Rama Yade. It's hardly his announcement was the subject of some words in the Morning radio. And takes two lines in the national daily press, which prefers remember when she tackles the subject, recent setbacks in the former icon Sarkozy ...

Abandoning Borloo, plagiarism accusation ... Rama has not baraka

It must be said that in recent weeks, Rama Yade has not baraka. Forgotten, the star of the diversity that while smiling! After leaving the UMP, she joins Jean-Louis Borloo, convinced to join the inner circle of the future candidate for the Elysée. Heck and re-damn! On October 2, she discovers to her TV "no" to the man on whom she had staked everything.

In early November, she published plea for Education, which is from the object of a double charge of plagiarism: first, it is a philosophy professor who alleged to have copied whole paragraphs of his blog; Then, the Petit Journal de Canal + who found excerpts from articles of Figaro, Le Monde and Marianne 2 fully taken over by the former Secretary of State for Human Rights. What she could not challenge, merely to invoke the publisher's requirement for speed or difficulty to source what is published on the net - even to contradict itself, ensuring that both it had planned footnotes page and once there she never uses because it records all references in a bibliography.

It risks losing its elected seat, accused of lying about his domicile

Basically it in contrefout, Rama Yade, all these squabbles media: its base foolproof and sense of small arrangements with the truth have already drawn from complicated situations. Nothing starts his confidence.

Yet in Colombes either, it does not look very well. It could even lose his seat municipal elected accused by the Socialist mayor of lying about his domicile: it plans to bring a civil action in court, according to the decision of the Election Board of Review. And it is not right that the local will to his aid, since the former mayor (UMP) of Colombes and UMP constituency delegate said they were prepared to form, too, plaintiff alongside the town hall, "exasperated" reports the site Atlantico, "the lack of investment of the young woman in the town."

As for the legislative election, according to a friend of Nicolas Sarkozy, the president himself would have received at the Elysee the current Member of Parliament, Manuel Aeschlimann (condemned by the Court of Appeal of Versailles in January 2011 1 year of ineligibility) and his wife (declared candidate for mayor of Colombes in 2014) to assure them of his support. Ah! The perhaps that's the good news ...

PS: Manuel Aeschlimann and councilors (UMP) of Colombes, Nicole and Lionel Goueta Rainfray, asked Tuesday the resignation of Rama Yade its regional councilor mandates and elected municipal Colombes. They accuse him of having "misled" the people its real debit.

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