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Rebecca Black and mini-singers love to hate the Web

February 15 category:Music
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Rebecca Black and mini-singers love to hate the Web

His music video "Friday" tongues wagging Internet users, who were nevertheless 9,000,000 to view the video. What critics already suffered before her other stars teens ...

Screenshot of the video "Friday"

There was already Justin Bieber. As if it were not enough, a wave of pre-teens invaded the Internet. The youngest is named Rebecca Black and thirteen. She appears in a clip already seen more than 9 million times on YouTube on Wednesday. The song she sings is called "Friday" (Friday), and speaks of the joy of seeing the weekend happen. "Friday, Friday, Friday," says the chorus, while the first verse says: "It is 7 am, you have to wake up, (...), take a bowl, eat cereal."

This is the kind of video that makes you laugh the Web. Many have criticized the words of a little hollow, attacked acne of any girl or movie clip timeline. Nevertheless, Rebecca made a splash with 9 million views in a few days. The recipe: a baby face, a voice tuned, friends as a decoration and a name straight out of "Twillight".

In another genre, the little "Mini daddy" holds its 6 million views with his video entitled "El niƱo mas bonito". One thinks of the French youth "PZK" and their hit "Girls love", which are now labeled by Warner Bros.

Rebecca Black is not there. His label, "Ark Music" brings together a selection of very young people. Because the enthusiasm triggered by the star children is far from new, even without the Web: the success of Alizee in 2001 to the skaters "Hanson" four years ago or hysteria around the small Jordy "Dur hard to be a baby "coming out ... there are nineteen years. Rebecca in the footsteps of his ancestors. As very young Poppys sang it in 1973: "No, no, nothing has changed."

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