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Rouen municipal David Douillet sows (yet) confusion right

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Rouen municipal David Douillet sows (yet) confusion right

Former Sports Minister David Douillet Judo and big messes in Rouen right.


David Douillet is again talking about him in the capital of Normandy. The former judoka, Norman origin, is invited in the squabble of the Rouen right. And not necessarily where it was expected. Against all expectations, the UMP supports the UDI candidate ... Patrick Chabert while the UMP, his own party, has invested Jean-Fran├žois Bures to campaign in Rouen ... "Patrick is a man of conviction, as well as field applications is a huge chance for renewal Rouen, "says former sports in a letter signed by him.

Dazed right and center. In a context of division, the new made much noise. Except ... David Douillet denies such a commitment. "I can not support a candidate against a UDI UMP," explained David Douillet yesterday in L'Express. MP Yvelines speaks of a "misunderstanding" of Chabert candidate and ensures that it will not be present at his side, Friday, March 7 at night to discuss the sports policy of the city. "I will support a list of union if it takes place between the two towers," insists David Douillet attempt to clarify its position. A declaration made before Patrick Chabert will make public its official letter of support.
For his part, Jean-Fran├žois Bures, the official candidate of the UMP, did not wish to comment on this imbroglio. "I expect to learn more, I left a message on the mobile of David," he slips before releasing visibly stunned by this bombshell: "Such support would be very surprising."

This is not the first time that David Douillet made about him in Rouen. In April 2013, he was already seriously considering itself to compete for the municipal elections in 2014. He had to give to the reluctance of local UMP. Olympic champion is it remind their good memory?

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