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Senators PS let go premium

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Senators PS let go premium

The, premium 3500 euros What perceived senators goes wrong in the opinion ... Demarthon

If, as the saying goes, money does not smell, many senators are beginning to hold their noses on the exceptional bonus "which was attributed to them.

Patron of socialist senators, Jean-Pierre Bel, and considers, in a statement "that the decision to award the" prime "is misplaced and that it never should have been paid."

Jean-Pierre Bel "requests that the decision be set aside and that this premium, which has never been requested, immediately refunded."

The Senate decided to allocate EUR 3531.61 senators, sum "to an outstanding catch on additional representative office expenses allowance (IRFM) paid once the end of June."

The publication of this information came after the revelations of the site Mediapart on dubious expense of one of the three quaestors, Senator PS Jean-Marc Pastor and the publication by the latter of a false statement of support of Gérard Larcher .

CRC-GSP group (PCF and the Left Party) also, in a statement it was "unacceptable" such action "as it is imposed on our people a hard austerity and a significant restriction of purchasing power." He stressed that "not representative" in the council of the quaestorship (two quaestors UMP and PS) of the Senate, decided to grant this premium.

Thursday, the centrist President of the Committee on Finance, Jean Arthuis, Senator PS Nicole Bricq and the president of the centrist François Zocchetto group said they were refusing this bonus. In the process, Mr. Arthuis wrote to the President of the Senate to ask for the cancellation.

Gérard Larcher, which justified the premium on Wednesday evening Senate Public stressing that "democracy, it also has a price," after receiving the letter from Mr. Arthuis, Thursday called a meeting of the Questure before the end of the special session scheduled on July 13 to cancel the decision.

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