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Send us the best posters of parliamentary candidates

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Send us the best posters of parliamentary candidates

Campaign posters also make the competition, for better or for worse. The battle Le Pen - Mélenchon rather stands on the edge of the adhesive or tear posters. Hertzog

Legislative 2012, is the 6611 candidates for 577 constituencies, or 11,46 candidates per constituency on average. These are also 6611 different posters that adorn billboards of our polling stations and the walls of our cities and countryside. Among them, the posters of the great French political apparatuses, a sobriety and classicism that border, otherwise boredom, ridiculous.

Others are full of creativity and ingenuity when not simply hilarious. They come from candidates, essentially unknown to the public, sometimes improbable, and who practice the art of shifting to get noticed. There are even crafty to affix posters or false hijacking "just for fun".

The lolgislatives tumblr lists the most remarkable and funny posters for example.
And you, you have crossed, and even performed, posters worthy to pay a good slice of laughter?

Send us your photos or creations [email protected] The best will be presented in a slide show on our website.

Thank you toTommeBlur who had the happy idea to launch this collection, with whom we are committed to sharing our chips.

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