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Seven years to fight against sleepiness at work

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Seven years to fight against sleepiness at work

A third of managers doze meeting according to the recent survey by Ifop. Tips to fight against fatigue at work.


A third of managers doze meeting according to the recent survey by Ifop (1). What is the worst effect when one assumes responsibilities. To maintain its credibility and establish its performance, better stay in alertness at work. The ideal is to sleep at least 6 hours per night (2). In case of trouble waking up or nights shortened, here eight tonic gymnastic and easy to perform that help to (re) start up throughout the day.

1.Au out of bed: churning

The exercise. Stand with feet apart, both hands flat on the thighs, round back bent forward, inhale and exhale completely emptying your lungs and retract the belly as if it were sucked back. Without breathing, make back-and-forth with your belly up to the need to inspire. Can you straighten. Do it three times, 2 min. in all preferably fasting or after the absorption of a light beverage.

Profit. You tone up the stomach which is an important energy center.

2. After the shower: the rag doll

The exercise. Standing sautillez gently up imagining that you have springs in the calves. This movement spread throughout the body. Let go of all the joints, neck, wrists, waist float ... Let your members, you feel soft. Can you ébrouez like a dog soaked by rain and wants to get rid of the water on his hair. 1 to 2min.

Profit. You gradually dégourdissez your body before you shake it to regain energy

3. After the coffee: the grimaces before the mirror

Exercise. Look at yourself in the mirror and take a normal breath and very slowly expire. Extend arms in front of you and start to smile. Then start a facial exercise by pulling the tongue, mouth twisting, pulling on your eyes. Think of the expressions of Louis De Funès. In front of you is a deformed face you see. Which will trigger laughter. 2-3 min.

profit. By working your cheek bones, you will end tone, muscle energy. As the saying goes, laughter is a good steak!

4. Road (by car or on foot): The "yogurt"

Exercise. Forget the structured language and find the soul of a little child who does not know about. Make porridge words. And in your head, chat in this pidgin there with an imaginary interlocutor: the facilitator that causes the radio on, the singer who hoarse on your play-list, the client you will soon find.

Profit. You relax and invigorate your face awakening to the world.

5. On the way: the rail branches

Exercise. Break with your habits, even lengthen somewhat the way. Go for a walk longer before walking to catch the subway or bus one or two stops away. Vary the route change transmission line, take other streets, try the tram or vélib or carpooling.

Profit. You create novelty, which will revive your curiosity, your attention and your brain will quickly into action.

6. Meeting the drawing and pinching

Exercise. Draw discreetly on a notebook and blind the speaker of the day. After five minutes, look at what it looks like. This little surprise déridera you. Another exercise, gently pinch the skin between thumb and forefinger, then between the index and middle fingers and ... Go through all the fingers of each hand, repeating the gesture three times.

Profit. What surprises or what hurts a little active blood circulation in the body

7. In a closed room: drumming

The exercise. Sitting right on a chair, relaxed left arm, make use of your fist with the other hand as a hammer, well folded thumb first in the palm. And tap gently into the arms up to the shoulder, then down. Do the same to the outside of the arm. Then switch arms and punches. 1-2 min.

Profit. This stimulus energy and relaxes tense muscles, interesting during the change of course of the afternoon.

(1) 32% of executives surveyed admit to April 1, 2014 have fallen asleep in the middle of a meeting.

(2) 30% of French people sleep less than 6 hours, below the repair threshold, according to the survey in 2012 of the National Institute of sleep and alertness (INSV).

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