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Sexion assault to Booba, rap full forms

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Sexion assault to Booba, rap full forms

French rap band Sexion Assault, perform on stage on April 13, 2010 in Bourges, central France, DURING THE 34th edition of "Le Printemps de Bourges" rock pop festival. AFP PHOTO / ALAIN JOCARD


Protest, lively, provocative, hardcore, bling-bling, jazzy and poetic ... Since its appearance in France in the mid-1980s, rap has taken different paths, sometimes at the risk of turning in circles or finish in a dead -de-sac. In 2008, we even saw the appearance of T-shirts with the inscription: "The rap was better before."

How is the rap in 2011? For accounting purposes, it is well, thank you. La Fouine dethroned a Nolwenn Leroy-time head of record sales and ranking Sexion d'assaut has passed 300,000 copies of his first album, The School of the vital points, released in 2010. Both champions bins will be in Spring Bourges April 21, along with Seth Gueko, Akhenaton and Faf Larage & Soprano for a hip-hop night in the biggest festival hall. Which had not happened since the arrival of IAM and NTM in ... 1991. "In the early days of rap, there was monoliths AMI, NTM, Assassin, said the journalist Thomas Blondeau, author of rap Combat (The Castor Astral.) Then came rap rabble with Lunatic. Today, the anarcholibéralisme Booba at the extreme left of Casey speech, everything. The spectrum is incredibly widened. Even Sarkozy son makes rap. "

Between desire to entertain and social demands, rap shed its skin. Sexion d'assaut of the refrains and rhymes of 113 are crowds dancing in night clubs. Oxmo Puccino sings with Olivia Ruiz, Orelsan with Luce, and aligns the punchlines on electro DJ Toxic Avenger. Forms are increasingly fragmented. Rap is into music, "is variétise." "We try to combine the musicality of the Americans and the depth of the French text of the elders," exposes Maska, Sexion Assault.

Diehard chroniclers of social life have for Casey names, Keny Arkana, Medina or Rumor. But the hexagonal specificity of conscious rap is now marginal. The American model is required, as a large marquee where clash of egos sometimes longer see music as a way to change credit card to change the world. Booba Rohff and are Taulier this arena where characters bulging chest and speak cash. "Rap is just the magnifying mirror of today's society, materialistic and consumerist" says Ekoué, group Rumor.

The best indicator of the changing rap is probably double album Laouni Mouhid, alias La Fouine. "On one hand, there is La Fouine, a character who looks like me and that I have invented to amuse people, describes the rapper from Trappes (Yvelines). On the other, there Laouni, denouncing this that poor people endure. " On the form, it gives a first face dark atmospheres, dirty and nasty, and a second in the form of intimate confessions songs. For La Fouine also assumes many influences IAM, NTM or Expression Direkt those of Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel or Joe Dassin. "Adverse Winds is the song written by a rapper, he says. I just try to enjoy myself. This is my vision of music." In one of his pieces, La Fouine chanting, "I'm not French rap, I rap in French." The words still have meaning.

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