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Shirt wash only three times a year

January 26 category:Fashion
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Shirt wash only three times a year

An American would have invented a shirt that washes only three times a year.


A young New Yorker, Mac Bishop, and two friends launched their startup Wool & Prince, and sell a shirt in fine wool, not washed three times per year. No more laundry chores! These Americans have found the solution to make this surmountable housework. In addition to saving water, this investment of $ 98 per room is saving time in the life of modern man. The material of the shirt would have the distinction of not absorb odors: despite numerous explanatory diagrams, we remain skeptical.

Mac Bishop hoped to raise 30,000 dollars by launching its product on the Kickstarter funding platform. But ten days later, 290,000 dollars are already harvested. The concept immediately won the male: the production of shirts 3000 is not yet launched, they are already sold. Patience! And in the meantime, you can always fall back on the slip that smells the rose.

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