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"Shock" simplification Pierre Moscovici: more ... measures

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"Shock" simplification Pierre Moscovici: more ... measures

Pierre Moscovici, Minister of Finance, presented the Council of Ministers this Wednesday, 4 September a bill on administrative simplification. A presentation which falls elsewhere over the communication exercise on the method, as the content was he ever heard.


Began during the summer, announced at the Summer University of MEDEF last week, Bill Pierre Moscovici on administrative simplification was presented this Wednesday, Sept. 4 in the Council of Ministers. A presentation which falls elsewhere over the communication exercise on the method, as the content was he ever heard.

Indeed, the Executive intends to proceed by orders by summer 2014 drop in dribs and drabs "its 120 simplification measures for enterprises." A package of measures (see illustration below) resulting joint work of a report of MP PS Thierry Mandon submitted in July, Louis Gallois work on competitiveness, but also different interdepartmental committees modernization of the action Public (CIPAC) (see below).

"Facilitating business life" (Pierre Moscovici)

Dual purpose displayed by the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault: reduce paperwork, the "Recommend us once" evoked by Marylise Lebranchu the spring, and "facilitate corporate life" as reaffirmed Pierre Moscovici Pierre Gattaz last week announced Medef.Parmi tracks in the middle of summer and at the end of the Cabinet on Wednesday, 4 September, it will be noted, therefore:
1 / "the easing of accounting obligations of TPE" 2 / "the development of e-invoicing in the relations between the state and its suppliers"
3 / deleting some declarative obligations in favor of a single declaration, the DADS. 4 / a reform of corporate finance, including facilitating "securing the crowdfunding", the famous crowdfunding

From an accounting point of view, all the reforms and simplification measures should generate "1.5 billion euros in savings in 2014" in the functioning of the state, according to the report of the third CIPAC. The impact expected by Bercy side businesses would "up to 15 billion euros in savings." An envelope that could be "0.8% growth," according to Pierre Moscovici.

Governments fond of "shock" simplification

The text should be considered by parliamentarians in October, despite a busy schedule for adoption "by the end of the year," according to Bercy. Yet another "shock" of simplification, which governments love it lean times. Already in his time, Frederic Lefebvre then Secretary of State for SMEs, had gone there of her "red tape reduction commission" of 80 measures. That was in March 2012. So far so close.

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