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Shows a cheat sheet for exams

August 28 category:Society
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Shows a cheat sheet for exams

REVIEWS - The watch is equipped with a small screen to ensure clear and accurate view of the stored text.


New cheat sheet for the tray? Croatian society 24Kupi sells a watch designed for cheating safely, reports Le Figaro.

Classic appearance perfectly, it is in fact with an integrated 4GB memory and a small screen to ensure clear and accurate picture of the text. For example, students can store their courses and consult during an examination.

A special button "emergency"

The designers thought the object to its use to be as discreet as possible including the optional automatic scrolling text.

Another feature of the gadget: the adjustable brightness or the presence of a special button "emergency" - which blocks the clock on the clock mode and only unlocks by a secret code, says Le Figaro. Recall that in France, cheating is liable to a ban to take an exam for five years.

A sanction which, in view of the low selling price of the watch - $ 65 payable online - is not likely to deter all aspiring cheaters. The reviewers of worry about.

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