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Six Nations: Scotland beat or sink into the crisis to the XV of France

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Six Nations: Scotland beat or sink into the crisis to the XV of France

Cardiff, 21 February 2014. Nicolas Mas and the Blues will be keen to win against Scotland and forget the Welsh shower.

REUTERS / Rebecca Naden

Tournament still in play

The XV of France was royally banana it a fortnight ago in Cardiff. On the basis of a Grand Slam after their victory against the British and the Italians, the Blues took a lesson at the Millennium Stadium (27-6). Worse, they have been able to offer anything. By only looking no further than the tip of their nose, they can still say that a victory in the 2014 tournament is possible. After all, you only win in Scotland on Saturday and then beat Ireland following in a Stade de France where Clover has not experienced victory since 2000! Except that the Irish out of three wonderful benefits, although one ended in a defeat against England at Twickenham.

The restructuring of PSA

Philippe Saint-André has a wide-ranging reshuffle of his starting XV for Edinburgh. First, because it is faced with an avalanche of injuries (Szarzewski, Nyanga, Fofana, in addition to Le Roux, Dusautoir, Kayser, Ouedraogo and Fritz). Then because he decided to sanction anything goes: for a club in knuckle-ball, Parra sees his return pushed the match against Ireland, while Lauret, Doussain Bonneval and replacements are found "in relation to their performance "against the Welsh. Result in a lack of tools, PSA is DIY with 17th 3rd line taken from its function: Chouly, Lapandry and Vaahamahina, who has never played as the second line in Perpignan! "It's been five weeks since he works regularly in that position," he reassured Saint-Andre! If there can be a winner, the bet is risky.

The absence of Picamoles

If the third line is a fiasco, PSA may hang long exclusion from Louis Picamoles group. "Internationally, we have no right to applaud an arbitrator when you take the yellow card," he justified. A bit harsh when we remember the attitude of other Blues. In addition, "Loulou" is one of the best third line of the moment. Certainly it is not the fastest way to get back into position and forget occasionally to make passes. But it now has no equivalent to punch the line and "hurt" to the opponent (27, 84 balls beaten defenders worn since the beginning of the season in the Heineken Cup, nobody did better on these two statistics combined!). He also performed a final performance against Perpignan last weekend with Stade Toulousain. Certainly, it will be recalled against Ireland.

Bonneval and replacing Fickou

Author of the essay's victory against England, presented as the nugget by the time world champion coach Clive Woodward, Gaël Fickou does not take advantage of Fofana package. PSA preferred to recall Mermoz in the center to combine with Bastareaud! "It's better for the team to combine two centers that evolve together in a club," insists PSA. Two objections are possible: Mermoz is not Bastareaud what Arcy is O'Driscoll and Scotland is low enough to put first Fickou in the skin of a holder. Finally, why give the opportunity to Jules Plisson "raise their game" at the opening while denying the same to Hugo Bonneval to the wing? Currently, the mysteries of French staff are impenetrable.

Scotland in transition

Lowest training tournament with Italy, Scotland does not have the level offensively to compete with the best teams. Except when they experience a big blow less! Clearly, Chardon XV will say that there is a shot to play with these Bleus full of doubt and deprived of so many regular holders. This selection, however, is in transition, the Clermont coach Vern Cotter to replace the Interim Scott Johnson in June. "The selection has a line of young three quarters in search of experience and therefore still crumbly, but the biggest problems come from the melee that does not move and touch a spin on two is missed," says former international Nathan Hines. Two areas that the Blues were scarecrow figure ... until Wales.

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