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SNCF pinned by the Court of Auditors: the response of Guillaume Pepy

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SNCF pinned by the Court of Auditors: the response of Guillaume Pepy

The SNCF president Guillaume Pepy (here at a press conference in March 2009)


SNCF is pinned by the Court of Auditors in its annual public report. In Focus: the system of free or almost free tickets granted to employees of the SNCF and their families.

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The document, released Tuesday morning, also includes the response of the President of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy. How does it justify?

1- There are not that France

He believes that "the traffic facilities are an identity issue, closely related to the business, and more broadly to the history of the railway world." A "social history" is not unique to France and found "in all European rail companies."

2 - Improved control has already begun

Another argument advanced discharge Guillaume Pepy: "SNCF has undertaken a major effort to modernize the management of these facilities to allow better control of the use of them."

In other words, the "improvement and rationalization projects" set up recently "continue" and begin "to bear fruit". And the president of the railway company to quote the new computer tool developed at the "Spring 2013" to "manage all the beneficiaries."

3 - Adjustments are always possible

To counter criticism of the Court of Auditors, the SNCF also ensures that "the rules do not remain frozen."

She mentions to support the "adjustments" made regarding pensioners or former spouses on the death of the leaf-law and those coming of 'relations with third parties. "

4 - The bill is not so salty

Guillaume Pepy scans in one paragraph the underestimation of the cost of these benefits valued by senior financial jurisdiction. "Financially, the range of 'shortfall' (...), as the Court describes it, is based on very uncertain assumptions and approximations too large to achieve a strong result."

5 - Benefits taxed?

Guillaume Pepy says in no uncertain terms that the SNCF has the right to entrust such benefits in kind, but must indeed improve the system. Do pay taxes on these benefits? Why not. "The evolution of social and tax treatment of traffic facilities recommended by the Court requires to take into account the extreme diversity of use of these facilities, marked by a strong overlap between professional and private use. The recognition of the principle of the facilities as accessory in kind to the employment contract does not exhausts itself only the problem of social and tax treatment. "

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