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Social Conference: Hollande leaves the dirty work to Jean-Marc Ayrault

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Social Conference: Hollande leaves the dirty work to Jean-Marc Ayrault

President Francois Hollande opening of the second social conference speech on 20 June 2013 at Jena Palace


Once is not custom, Francois Hollande was not late. It is with a few minutes in advance that the president has opened on Thursday 20 June, the plenary session of the second social conference of his five years at the Economic, Social and Environmental (EESC). Previously, he had exchanged with the leaders of the eight representative organizations. But this change in presidential habits will be the only surprise of this discourse, in an hour, has swept through all the topics of the moment: the growth, Europe, pensions, employment ... without raising enthusiasm.

>> Highlights of the speech of François Hollande to social conference

As in July 2012 at the first edition, the words of the head of the state's goal was to open doors - or at least, "not to close" in the words of an adviser of the Elysée - and not to offend anyone. From this point of view, the exercise was successful. Everyone was able to find a source of satisfaction. For the MEDEF, there was the verse on the "central role of business in creating jobs" and (small) opening on the financing of social protection.

The idea of the CFDT - train the unemployed to occupy part of the unfilled jobs - was taken almost word for word by the President of the Republic. As for the ardent defenders of public services such as Workers Power and the CGT, they could not help but notice the very long câlinothérapie for officials. No, they do not affect more than the others retired. Yes, they pay the same duration and at the same rates as private sector employees. Moreover, recent developments show that they perceive rather less than before.

The hard part was Jean-Marc Ayrault

In contrast, on the merits, the solutions put forward by the President are not very innovative. He defended vocational training and learning to improve access to employment for young people and the unemployed. But the figures and arguments looked disturbingly those uttered by Nicolas Sarkozy at the height of the 2009 crisis.

Like its predecessor - and others before already - François Hollande promised 500,000 futures contracts of apprenticeship, against 435,000 today. As for the issue of pensions, by far the most sensitive, the President of the Republic confirmed the tracks he had already largely unveiled in recent weeks: lengthening of the contribution period, reducing inequalities ...

The trickiest now up to Jean-Marc Ayrault, tasked to conclude tomorrow afternoon social conference. If he wants to give the impression that these two days of debate were helpful, the Prime Minister will have him, close doors. And therefore necessarily make unhappy.

To help pass this course, the President of the Republic has the social partners on guard against selfishness, small stones and short-term views. Want to social dialogue, you want are being treated as responsible, so be responsible, consider the public interest! This is the message launched watermark by Francois Hollande. Also a way for him to share the necessary unpopular reforms to come.

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