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Spas to treat damaged hair

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Spas to treat damaged hair

A model gets ready Before presenting a Tuleh establishment at the Spring 2010 collection Pendant New York Fashion Week September 13, 2009. REUTERS / Kena Betancur (UNITED STATES FASHION IMAGES OF THE DAY)


Still quite confidential, these capillaries institutes are becoming increasingly popular. Here, not necessarily cut or color, but an in-depth diagnosis, a profusion of massages and baths rejuvenating oils ... to prepare our manes sunlight.

Jean-François Lazartigue

This pro hair never sleeps. His flagship salon Faubourg, nestled deep in a courtyard, has been redecorated in a bias végétal- flower arrangements are the work of designer Hervé Gambs florist. In addition, its protocols have been fully redesigned.

The signature treatment The "exceptional treatment". After a review of the scalp using a micro, purifying scrub based on a jelly with fruit acids (blow guaranteed fresh!), Oil massage, application of vegetable creams (oil of tea or bancoulier ) under steam ozone. Of course, the price is high, but the care is of exceptional quality. From 163 euros (half past one.) 5, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris (eighth), 01-42-65-29-24.

Instant 2Moss

In the heart of a listed site, close to the Opera, Elyane has built this jewel like a Parisian apartment abbey stone flooring and art deco furniture. In one of the three cabins, one surrenders to the chair bed in the expert hands of Nadia or Chriss.

The signature treatment "Instant Harmony", a massage performed with the pins of a wooden brush to stimulate the scalp and then to macadomia oil. While the cream penetrates the ozone vapor, there is still ground your arms and hands. Care is 100% organic. From 100 euros (one hour). 5, square of the Opera-Louis Jouvet, Paris (ninth), 01-44-56-03-66.


In recent months, a hairdresser studio and cinema, Frédéric (also cap Emmanuelle Béart) joined the small cozy Institute, the vaulted cellar and two alcove cabins decked in purple and Japanese cherry branches.

The signature treatment "Supreme Care." Shaping shoulder and scalp and "shiatsu" face make you forget all tensions. It continues with an oil bath in ozone helmet and the icing on the cake, a herbal poultice home. From 87 euros (half past one). 63, rue de Ponthieu, Paris (eighth), 01-45-62-51-55.


Close to the Parc Monceau, in a micro-living- look no sign, there is not - Thierry, who learned his trade at Carita and Alexandre Zouari gets you individually drawn curtains and door closed like a VIP.

The signature treatment "The Deep Ceremony Shu Uemura." Massage the scalp cleansing oil and gestural shiatsu on the upper body, shampoo applied to the sponge strand by strand, followed by a cream with plant extracts posed brush, so geisha ... a pleasure bracket . Thierry's scissor kick is remarkable! From 80 euros (one hour). 9, rue de Thann, Paris (XVII), 01-43-80-21-54.


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