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Stars of dumping in doublers

April 6 category:Employment
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Stars of dumping in doublers


Stars of dumping in doublers

Doubling voices movies or pubs is a real job. But Hollywood stars did not clearly understood, those who siphon seals true professionals occasionally lending their vocal cords, especially in cartoons. The rant a voice against this cult social dumping, read and listen to Allociné.

"Where am I here? Even among the Arabs?"

The main drawback of téléconseilleur job? Customers. Grumpy, racist, pressed or exasperated succeed on the line, while at the other end, pressure ban youths hanging up. A testimony to read on the blog France from below.

The economy no longer loves young

Graduates, but no future, that is the lot of a growing share of Western youth. For the first time since 1945, they will be expected to live less well than their parents and sometimes get tempted by nihilism. The nervous but optimistic view of a teacher who was young in the 70s, to read on PressEurop.

Coffee, drink ambitious

... And tea, that lazy? This is what suggests a -habilement controlled Nespresso- survey that revealed that 70% of individuals with high incomes prefer coffee to tea, for its "socially higher status." 77% of executives choose a café rather than a tea at a business meeting or a meeting with clients. To read on L'Express Styles.

Science, something of "girls" ...

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