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Stimergy: a cloud which provides hot water

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Stimergy: a cloud which provides hot water

Reinvent the world date center by integrating it into the ecosystem of the smart city. It is the ambition of Stimergy, which allows companies to store their data in an ecological cloud.


Data centers today would release into the atmosphere as much CO2 as global air fleet. Faced with this harsh ecological reality, Christophe Perron, the creator of Stimergy, a start-up accompanied by the incubator Grain Grenoble, wanted to act. His idea? Soon install in residential, commercial, or communities, mini data centers - twenty servers - connected to the system for producing hot water. "Digital boiler of this size is easily installed in an existing boiler and can for example provide housing thirty," explains the director.

Hosting providers benefit from the hot water for free. Instead, they pay a connection cost. ROI expected within four to six years, according to estimates by the young shoot.

Another customer in parallel

On the other side of Stimergy system include universities, SOHO and small and large businesses, who can use this cloud "responsible" for their non-critical applications, such as a web site. No question, of course, of harboring confidential and critical data. "We have the ability to convince these players because the resilience of our systems is equivalent to a data type of center Tier IV (the most robust vis-à-vis the failures, ed)," says the founder of start-ups.

Four pilot plant will be installed in 2014 in Rhône-Alpes, in residential multi-family housing, but also in universities. "We are targeting them, especially scientific, because they often have large infrastructure spending a lot of energy," said Christophe Perron.

A collaboration with INRIA

Waiting to be soon joined by a partner, the latter for the moment only the controls, working already with a dependent engineer Inria. The research institution has been involved in the development of the computer system. The collaboration will continue to deepen the component "load management" servers.

The young company also counts as a business partner installer of heating, Pasini and the OPAC 38. "Public office has greatly facilitated our prototyping stage, giving us access to the central heating system," said the contractor.

In the viewfinder EDF

Significant springboard Stimergy won the EDF Energy Smart Contest in late November 2013. "It has allowed us to connect with our R & D and open innovation to the energy supplier, welcomed Christophe Perron. The objective eventually would develop a business partnership. "

Stimergy should embark on large-scale market mid-2015. With line of sight, € 2.5 million in revenue to 5 years. It will take for it to sell a hundred digital boilers universities and donors, and in parallel, offering 20,000 servers for businesses.

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