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Studying and working it reduces the chances of passing exams?

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Studying and working it reduces the chances of passing exams?

Under certain conditions, work during their college years is not detrimental to school - and may even be positive.

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This is an old story of the UNEF. Each year, the main student union is concerned about the difficulties faced by a growing number of young people forced to combine college and little job. At the heart of its demands: an autonomy allowance distributed widely so that more no student is forced to work to fund his education, jeopardizing its chances of success.

Several studies seem to agree with the UNEF. In 2009, INSEE has shown that job student had a very negative impact on educational outcomes, especially beyond sixteen hours of work per week. However, a team of economists, working in the experimental Youth Foundation, has to prove that, under certain conditions, to work during his college years is not detrimental to school - and can even be positive .

It is not by theoretical analysis, but the assessment of an experiment conducted by the University of Le Mans. At the 2010 September, officers have indeed addressed this problem. For this, they added a skill to traditional missions help desk professional integration present in most facs: support for students wanting to work.

More and varied job offers

"At the beginning of the experiment, there was no corporate file in this office," said Yannick L'Horty, economist responsible for evaluating the project. Two people have been recruited to canvass businesses Mans basin. The reception of employers was good because the university was committed to preset youth. These, in turn, were saving search time and were offered several deals (up to thirteen!), Allowing them to choose the most suitable job. "This is a critical point because, when a student seeks for himself, he often picks up fewer proposals, and it tends to take the first job that passes, even if the schedules are inconsistent with its current" added Yannick L'Horty.

The university employees have even managed to emerge out of the job usually reserved for students triptych restoration-retail-babysitting in favor of secretary positions, or HR assistant librarian. Jobs paid above the minimum wage, to limit the amount of work to fifteen hours per week on average. University teachers have reorganized schedules to release a half day a week and make life easier for working students.

To analyze the impact of the project, young people were divided into two groups at random: some had the support of help desk professional integration, the others were doing for themselves. The result? Payroll employment had no effect on the success of students passed through the structure. Even better, they are less likely dropped out than those who got a job on their own, or who have not worked at all. And they perform better on exams. "Experimentation promotes contact with an employer and the university staff, which can have an effect on students' motivation and their intention to complete the degree," said Yannick L'Horty, for whom the project, perpetuated today in Le Mans, "deserves to be generalized to other higher education institutions." Geneviève Fioraso sent to the Minister responsible for universities.

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