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Sun for everyone, it is now

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Sun for everyone, it is now


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All winter, unusually wet and windy weather endured by our regions has much occupied the headlines and conversations at the coffee machine. And for good reason: very mild temperatures for the past three months have been the mildest winter since 1989. A mild winter, certainly, but draping for morale with rainfall records, and successive passages of Xavier, Dirk Ulla and others. Something to fear a resurgence of seasonal depression.

But that was before. Because for this weekend, all forecasters announced two beautiful days of sunshine with only a few (small) cloudy Saturday to the north, and Sunday in the eastern Pyrenees. A Spring for everyone, which will bring us two weeks in advance for pleasant temperatures ranging from 14 degrees to 20 degrees in Brest in Biarritz.

Short. As sang Michel Fugain and Big Bazaar: "Spring is here, get out of your house." A good opportunity to listen to this song of 1976 for false air of country, especially if you have not had the chance to learn in elementary school ...

If you are allergic to d'Artagnan shirt boys and girls in long skirts that are flying around, perhaps you prefer to sing the song of spring, Bambi (1942), and his joyful chorus "Heart, heart, heart, sing in chorus happiness. "

Finally, if you do not like either the Country or Bambi, ("neither the sea, nor the mountain"), you have the Spring of Antonio Vivaldi. A classic switchboards, made around 1725 by the Italian maestro. There are now over 1000 different versions, classical, rock, pop, jazz ... Here is a version of Metal. If so.

Express wish you a good spring weekend, even though it has not officially started ...

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