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Sundance Film Festival: final stretch

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Sundance Film Festival: final stretch

Kristen Stewart, Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning and Cherie Currie in The Runaways premiere January 24, 2010 at Sundance.

REUTERS / Robert Galbraith

For me, it all starts at 8:30 am with Joel Schumacher's Twelve. You find that Schumacher, director of Batman & Robin, Law killing or Phantom of the Opera, it's not very Sundance? This is exactly what the person starts with a lot of self-deprecating in his opening speech that the man has more and more the lanky look of old rocker played by Bill Nighy in Love Actually. Shot in 23 days, the Twelve is inscribed in a totally good independent film economy, genre he sometimes likes to pace for better or Tigerland with 10 years ago. It fits here on the novel written 17 years by Nick McDonell who portrays the golden and disillusioned youth of beautiful New York neighborhoods, addicted to dope. I admit I struggled to get excited about these deliberately unpleasant hollow characters, which are reminiscent of those of the Laws of Attraction Roger Avary, taken from Bret Easton Ellis. But it's fun to see how this has given a facelift to the staging of Schumacher who has probably never visually proposed many things in a movie. This does not only have to pack me in spite of a perfect cast of pretty faces head slap, on top of which Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl excellent in dealer's Upper East Side.

11:30. Each day brought her nugget. One today is called Welcome to the Rileys, a first long signed Jake Scott, son of Ridley ..., nephew and brother Tony Jordan (director of Cracks with Eva Green). Two certainties are needed out of that movie. First, small business Scott family has a bright future ahead of her. And two, if Kirsten had had before Twilight (Into the wild where Scott was spotted) and was not too much to worry about after Twilight, the "during" is also worth seeing. She's an actress, a real, great. She plays a young stripper, prostitute at times, which meets in New Orleans a man broken by the loss of her daughter a few years earlier (James Gandolfini, the unforgettable hero of the Soprano) and will give it to him ... as his wife (Melissa Leo, Frozen River heroin), mute from the shock, a new momentum in their lives. Welcome to the Rileys is one of those endearing works that constantly keeps balance between roughness and tenderness, between wry humor and emotion back. From the first meeting between this man to the ground and this young woman - who recalls more trash, traits of the character of Vanessa Paradis in Noce blanche - the heart of the film is installed. She offers him her body in return for money, it pays to talk. She sees him as a customer like any other. He sees her ... her daughter and will therefore cease to behave as paternal seeking to put it back on a safer and smoother path in its wake his wife as opening again the happiness of existence after a long period of inhibition. Scott Jr force is never to pour into the sanctimonious moralist preached, or make caricatures of his characters in a single block. He knows film their contradictions and especially these silences them who say more than pages of dialogue. A breath of humanity whose enthusiastic spring. Soon visible in Berlin, Welcome to the Rileys will remain as one of the peaks of the 2010 Sundance and beautiful trio of actors deserves cover price.

14.30. After such a burst of emotion, nothing beats a few thrills. And I'll be served with Frozen, a film of anguish pitch could not be more simple: three friends find themselves stuck in the night on a chairlift without knowing how to get out alive. How Michel Blanc in The bronzed but also scary! Adam Green, the director, also prevents the assembly before the first images. "If you go on power projection, I would not blame you, I would have passed my shot: you freak! "And in the genre film Buried crafty as heroes and buried alive in a box deep in Iraq, Frozen will spend time having fun playing with our nerves in a closed although at sky open. Open water as the summits with wolves as a shark. And the cold that burns your face instead of seawater ravaging your body. With a little long intro and some free camera movement whose sole purpose seems to be only gain a little time Frozen struggling to hold 90 minutes. But his heartfelt twists, Green's ability to make the most of the baseline chosen and the evolving relationship between the characters? two friends and the girlfriend of one of them (disturbing lookalike Ludivine Sagnier)? sufficient to raise the anxiety and keep guessing until its denouement. Frozen is disgusting in some of Tire-ass!

21H. Can it get more beautiful finish with The Runaways? Today, it's my Kirsten Stewart's day! This time, Bella's Twilight plays Joan Jett, a rocker with a capital R, interprets including the legendary "I love rock n 'roll." But Floria Sigismondi film focuses on the early years of JJ, between 75 and 77, those where at age 17 she was with Cherie Currie one of the singers of the group The 100% female runaways she had created. Sigismondi capture with infinite accuracy and without embellishment these teens both rebels and childish, discovering speed V fame, love, dope, all driven by their passion indestructible rock. With the key 4 albums, a triumphant tour in Japan and separation after Cherie Currie has thrown in the towel, rehab oblige. But the director also shows how this group was the stroke of genius of a producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon, Revolutionary Road revealed by), who saw in him a real alternative to rock middle of machismo. The Runaways is a film bubbling explosive as those 3 years of drunken bracket, enchanted and disenchanted in the lives of these five girls who will remain as the first rock band 100% girly history. While respecting the chronology of events, his story seems neither guided by the need to chokepoints or devoured by too showy or caricature reconstitution of the seventies sex drugs and rock 'n' roll: he never pace of a history lesson. It is bright even in the dark, explosive even in pain, hot even in its quieter moments. And it is enhanced by the stunning performance of the duo Kirsten Stewart? Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie and Joan Jett lifelike. Here, no imitation Interpretation-. The two actresses rock sweat from every pore of their skin, leaving pierce the innocence of the age of their characters. Showing new colors in its palette, Kirsten Stewart says more than ever like a star with a major asset: the stunning charisma and cinegenic her pout. And Dakota Fanning, the Hollywood star child grasps head on her first major role as a young woman as a banal chrysalis becoming the most beautiful butterflies. It has managed to make its role opens up an avenue for the rest of his career. This rock duo!

23h. Sundance, it's over almost. I learn palmares when I write. Among the winners, the Grand Prix was awarded to Winter's Bone Debra Granik of a teenager in search of his father. And, to my delight, the Audience Award was awarded one of my darlings Happythankyoumoreplease, I told you Friday a touching comedy that reflects the spirit of my Sundance mine, whose selection was the best in years. Sundance 2010 is dead, long live Sundance 2011!


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