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February 12 category:Businesses
Among them, Ernest-Antoine Seillière, current president Wendel Supervisory Board and former head of Medef, who is claiming 50 million euros. Benoit Tessier / Reuters The investment company Wendel held Sunday, January 2nd "wrong" any questio
July 4 category:Economy
CHINA - There are now 120 million affluent Chinese, who earn on average $ 40,000 per year per household. REUTERS / Carlos Barria Affluent Chinese class will more than double by 2020 and 75% growth in luxury goods purchases in China, hunting grounds a
July 25 category:Asia
More than nine million young Chinese began to move Thursday hyper selective entrance exams at university, some did not hesitate to put the odds on their side with glucose infusions, injections of hormones or "nannies" to pamper before the e
August 19 category:Asia
Police walk around people called Expired After social networks to join a "Jasmine Revolution" protest in front of the Peace Cinema in downtown Shanghai February 20, 2011. Police Dispersed scores of people Who Gathered in central Beijing and
October 11 category:Economy
Bernard Tapie and his lawyers, Maurice Lantourne (front) and Hervé Temine (back) at the courthouse in Paris in October 2005. Charles Platiau / Reuters The arbitral tribunal to settle the dispute between for nearly 14 years Bernard Tapie and the Conso
February 21 category:High Tech
Weibo has over 200 million registered in China. REUTERS / Stringer China had 513 million Internet users at the end of 2011, over 55.8 million (+ 12.2%) in one year. Among the uses of Chinese Internet users, microblogs have boomed, reported Monday the
March 28 category:Football Survey
The Albert of Monaco and President Dmitry Rybolovlev AS Monaco REUTERS / Olivier Anrigo The circular terrace, decorated with a huge pool and fifteen trees, overlooking Monaco is breathtaking. At the foot of the building the Belle Epoque, which occupi
May 11 category:High Tech
Panasonic P65VT20 Panasonic The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has announced it will increase its production of plasma screens in Shanghai to meet the growing demand for flat panel TVs in China. The Chinese subsidiary, Panasonic Plasma Display
August 31 category:Economy
Even though it is not yet officially declared, supports a candidacy of Christine Lagarde at the IMF-including tributary Martine Aubry- while Bercy his confidence is no criminal fault can be attributed to the Minister Economy in the Tapie affair. afp.
November 30 category:High Tech
The results of Microsoft's search engine will take into account the recommendations of his Facebook friends list. Bing.com Bing, Microsoft's search engine, and Facebook announced an additional level of integration of their duties, leaving the advice
December 19 category:Economy
By 2016 China could overtake the United States in the luxury car market, according to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey published Monday. REUTERS / Carlos Barria China, where the new rich like to see at the wheel of an Audi or a Porsche in 2016
April 28 category:Economy
Christine Lagarde is in the race to succeed DSK to head the IMF. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst The Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) could decide whether to open an investigation on the Economy Minister Christine Lagarde at its next meeting on the 10
July 22 category:High Tech
Weibo CEO Charles Chao, welcomed the IPO of its microblogging site, called the "Chinese Twitter" REUTERS / Andrew Kelly Chinese microblogging site Weibo, considered the "Chinese Twitter", flew Thursday to debut on Wall Street, mak
February 19 category:Economy
Christine Lagarde is in the race to succeed DSK to head the IMF. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst The French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde appears to be the favorite to take the head of the IMF after getting this weekend the support of London and Berlin
May 27 category:High Tech
Photo illustration. afp.com/Lionel Bonaventure Arnaud Montebourg said no way the Americans in 2013, while he was in business at Bercy and Yahoo eyeing Dailymotion. Two years later, the forces present and language have changed, but the Emmanuel Macron
February 4 category:Businesses
It shows a net profit of 697 million euros, against a loss of 980 million the previous year. But the SNCF enjoys exceptional items ... REUTERS / Charles Platiau SNCF has returned to the black in 2010 with a net profit of 697 million euros, against a
February 9 category:Economy
The Economy Minister Christine Lagarde. REUTERS / Francois Lenoir The Paris prosecutor's office opened in mid-June a preliminary investigation into possible "abuse of corporate power" in the Tapie case-Lagarde implicitly from decisions take
February 13 category:High Tech
The social network is an exception compared to other Internet stocks. REUTERS / David Loh The professional network LinkedIn is an exception in the landscape of Internet stocks. With the real estate website Zillow ads, it is the only site that went pu
February 23 category:High Tech
Xavier Niel shows the Freebox V6. REUTERS / Jacky Naegelen Iliad, parent company of internet service providers Free and Alice, said Wednesday it recorded in 2010 net profit up 78% to 313.1 million euros and displays the goal of doubling its turnover
February 25 category:Media, Justice
MEDIA - Nothing predestined child Montelimar of humble origins to become one of the darlings of French capitalism. NICOLAS Tucat / AFP The scene takes place in autumn 2012 at the home of Alexandre Bompard, one of the men in vogue in the business worl

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