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March 12 category:Lips
A red blood red lip, mouth bitten way to bring a sophisticated touch to makeup. Ideal for a femme fatale smile. Precious, fatal and daring, blood red lips brightens a translucent complexion. Associated with very defined eyebrows, such as Christian Di
June 2 category:Beauty
Monica Bellucci for Dolce DR Dolce & Gabbana and Monica Belluci worked together on the launch of a line of red lips in limited edition, The Monica Lipstick Collection reveals the site WWD. Six different colors are available in $ 32 price in the m
February 25 category:Spotted date
When Holly is everywhere, the tree collapses under the balls that Josiane grandma does not remember all the names, it's Christmas. , You are where? Looking at yourself in a mirror, in a corner, to verify that your red lips Tom Ford limited edition ha
April 16 category:Fashion News
Dolce & Gabbana innovates by creating its first range of make-up and launching a new fragrance for September 2009. To illustrate the advertising campaign is the beautiful Scarlett Johansson became the new face. For its first makeup line, Dolce
April 2 category:Film, TV
American Hustle, bright and zany thriller David O. Russell, was awarded the trophy for best comedy and distinguished its two main actresses, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson American Hustle has established Sunday as the winne
October 16 category:Makeup Tips
Pastel makeup that puts on flashy buttons to lips, cheeks and nails in style, with an orange coral color. Ensured good-looking! Like smiling and lightness? With this makeup, all attention is directed to the fruity freshness of a mouth and coordinated
January 10 category:Make Up
Sugar skull girl in tophat Getty Images / iStockphoto / Thinkstock The evil doll After work complexion -the eyebrows are based on the face with the concealer layered Thick, the eye is adorned with a plum eye cream on the eyelid, also applied to a few
January 4 category:Beauty
"A nice mascara, erased or nude lips and voila!" Philip Gay and Mika Mizutani for L'Express Styles The pink mouth tangerine Inspiration: "A fun variation and ultra -Notebook the bicolor mouth." Tangerine pink mouth, setting Givenc
February 24 category:Make Up
The blueprint is the watchword of the season. Our guide to master the new make-up of codes with subtlety, whether romantic, retro and futuristic. Imaxtree A soft minimalism Spotted at ... Alexander Wang, Vanessa Bruno, Blugirl, Jil Sander, Calvin Kle
December 22 category:Beauty VIP
The Dita Von Teese collection Artdeco. DR After a range of artificial nails for the Kiss brand, Dita Von Teese signed his first makeup collection in collaboration with Artdeco. "That's my name there will be product, and this should not be limite
January 23 category:Beauty
Selection of the best products to brighten and beautify your skin, your eyes and your lips while protecting them. Photos: Trunk archive / photosenso - dr We knew tinted creams with sunscreens or moisturizers red lips, but in the anti-aging foundation
April 7 category:The debate of the week
There was a time, you were asked the question: "At what age should we let the girls wear makeup? ". Many of you have to meet us and your opinions have interested us! Here is our selection of the best interventions around this subject. flexi
April 12 category:All the details
In the viewfinder of our #dailymen operation: a Milan catwalk that is populated Monday men aware of the ultimate quest of any self-respecting woman, that of a prominent red lips. Finally, in this case, a black matting lips. Because according to the m
April 18 category:Make Up
Lipsticks, mascaras, dyed background and other Marc Jacobs pallets will be available in France from March 6, 2014. DR Event, beautysphère: the famous fashion designer and former artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, will launch its first r
July 15 category:Beauty
Makeup has taken another dimension for luxury homes. Décyptage. Eudoxia Exit scarves, hats, jewelry, on every podium, models are accessorized with makeup. Cosmetic it clear in a loss leader for luxury brands. 30 € a Chanel or Dior mascara siglé again
March 11 category:Beauty Makeup
The best place to wake up nude looks, velvety red. Imaxtree Originality is nestled in the details. Invisible at first glance, a "twist" reveals a personality, signs beauty. This is precisely the lesson of haute couture fashion shows this se
April 25 category:Beauty
Meow! Meow? Paul Meow Meow or rather, that's the title of the Spring 2012 makeup collection Paul & Joe, feline prints. To celebrate its 10 years of existence, the brand was particularly inspired by the icon of French cinema, Brigitte Bardot. Eye
November 7 category:Stars of Secrets
Doll face, almond-shaped eyes and perfect mouth ... Who would not look like the American actress Jessica Alba? Or at least wear a zero defect makeup like hers? At the last show Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2010-2011, the Latino star shone with a
November 21 category:Marriage
Mouth Agnès B. © Imaxtree.com The podiums are always a source of inspiration. Makeup y are generally well studied and may be perfectly appropriate for the D-Day The Women's Journal went to get 50 to copy. Here we like: The palate as infused brings a
February 7 category:Why it matters
At the writing of IT, it took time to find the ideal man to participate in the operation Put Red for Women's Day. Is that they are not so numerous. And we fell on Arthur (here his Twitter, follow him, he's great), which, as surprising as it may seem,

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