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September 18 category:Remuneration and
Simplified payslip project DR A more readable payslip "Today, traditional payslips no fewer than an average of 30 lines, said the Secretary of State in charge of SMEs, and these lines are barely legible for employees. This is why the bill has Wa
August 26 category:Labor law, Businesses
The new payslip should have only fifteen lines, against 25-30 today. AFP / PHILIPPE HUGUEN Will pay statements soon legible? The site was launched last April with the publication of the 50 proposals to simplify business life. The duo Thierry Mandon -
May 18 category:Remuneration and
Simplifying the payslip announced on October 30 should be generalized to January 1, 2016. Meanwhile, the government will have a lot of work. afp.com/Philippe Huguen Too complex, too costly, payslips? On 30 October, the Commission proposed simplifying
Prime Minister Manuel Valls and the president of MEDEF Pierre Gattaz the MEDEF Summer University on 27 August 2014. REUTERS / Fred Dufour / Pool "I like the company," likes to repeat - in several languages ​​- Manuel Valls. In 2014, the gov
February 15 category:Business Ideas
Jam is a social student offered directly to the institutions. It allows the administration to share information and help each student: accommodation, tips or lost object. Jam Not always easy to manage for a student. Freshly graduated from Sciences Po
May 25 category:Political
The sovereigntist candidate in the presidential election Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, January 22, 2012 in Paris The sovereigntist candidate in the presidential election, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, promised a "Free France" during his first campaign ra
October 14 category:Economy
Traffic visas allow the beneficiary to stay in France and in the Schengen area 90 days per period of six months without having to apply for a new visa for each trip. Reuters / Charles Platiau France will simplify the issuance of entry visas, valid fo
October 20 category:Economy
Attention to the consequences of this bug in the next tax returns ... AFP PHOTO / DENIS CHARLET Your payslip of December is probably untrue. Two-thirds of French employees are covered by this statement, according to information from Europe 1. An erro
December 20 category:Management / Taxation
According to the European Commission, 25% lighten the burdens on businesses would save us 1.4% of GDP. Getty Images The government is authorized to make orders to simplify life for small businesses. The bill "simplification" had already bee
February 8 category:Marketing / Sales
The Minister of Trade and Handicrafts, Sylvia Pinel, presented Wednesday, June 19 plan 50 steps to regulate commerce. it counts including regulating drive. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Gone anarchy! For ten years the "drive" are increasing in
February 15 category:Politics, Economics
Roselyne Bachelot to the National Assembly on 12 January 2011. Reuters "A horribly complex system." It is in these terms that Roselyne Bachelot has called the RSA this morning on RTL. If she refuses to wear a "value judgment" on t
April 11 category:Economy
Natixis and its parent BPCE simplify their equity ties, which will result in the payment of a special dividend of two billion euros to its shareholders. Reuters The title of the French bank Natixis soared Monday morning at the Paris Stock Exchange af
April 26 category:Political
General view inside the French Senate Senators have expected Motions on the pension reform bill in Paris October 22, 2010. REUTERS / Charles Platiau (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS) Reuters / Charles Platiau The Senate passed unanimously Tuesday in the firs
August 12 category:High Tech Firms
Frédéric Lefebvre announced a draft "digital safe", which will meet on the internet, once and for all, all the necessary information to the various statements of companies. Christian Charisius / Reuters The Secretary of State for SMEs, Fréd
September 3 category:Business
A parliamentary report rprésenté Wednesday, June 5 proposes to simplify and rethinking support for the unemployed. REUTERS / Charles Platiau While employment center recorded a record level of registered (3.26 million in France), the member PS Monique
December 17 category:Political
The government provides 201 steps to simplify and modernize the State is ... The government provides 201 steps to simplify and modernize the State is ... a good initiative. 25% Finally, action! 10% not dematerializing tickets resto that this will hap
February 14 category:Health Policy
The Health Minister Marisol Touraine is facing several protests professionals on its draft health law. afp.com/Thomas Samson Decidedly, the draft health law can not stop talking to him. New plea put forward Monday: vaccination, which could be open to
March 31 category:Economy
A Nice Pôle Emploi agency REUTERS / Eric Gaillard The social partners have completed Monday, February 6 negotiations on simplification of short device, desired by the government, the CGT regretting nevertheless not be reached "unification"
July 3 category:Business Ideas
The start-up Captain Agreement provides matchmaking tool between lawyers and entrepreneurs to enable them to save time when drawing up legal documents. DR Benefit from the advice of a lawyer at a rate four times lower than the market average. That's
October 13 category:Economy
. REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier Francois Hollande called Wednesday by inaugurating its premises presidential campaign on partial unemployment "simpler measures" enabling employees threatened to "keep their jobs" in adverse economi

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