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October 14 category:Society, Politics
Manuel Valls had assured mid-February that the Vigipirate would be extended "as necessary, until the threat (terrorist) remains high."çois Guillot Current levels of Vigipirate "attacks alert" for the Ile-de-France and
November 4 category:Weather
The orange alert heatwave plan remains held on Monday 33 departments but the area is very hot will tend to decline during the afternoon to the east of the country, provides Météo France in its bulletin of 6:00. Bonaventure After an alr
August 18 category:Society
In 2003 15 000 people died in 15 days, especially in big cities like Paris. Wikipedia / Sebjarod Heatwave, return. Services of the City of Paris on Wednesday will contact the 865 most frail elderly individuals enumerated in his file "Chalex
July 29 category:Environment
The fine particles warning threshold should be exceeded Monday Ile-de-France because of the cold, dry weather and no wind, according to a statement released on Sunday by Airparif. Klein The fine particles warning threshold should be
October 20 category:Society
The Ile-de-France should be exposed Monday high ozone concentrations above the first warning level, due to high heat announced, announced Sunday Airparif society and the police headquarters. Tribouillard The heat wave approach and pollu
October 1 category:Environment
The episode of pollution will persist in Paris and Ile de France. Kovarik The episode of fine particle pollution will continue Monday in Paris and Ile-de-France, announced Sunday Airparif, body responsible for monitoring the air quali
October 17 category:Fashion
French soldiers leaving a base in N'Djamena, Chad, to participate in operations in Mali. AFP PHOTO / ECPAD Live Update Thank you for following this live Thank you for following the third day of military operations with us. On Monday, the situation co
October 21 category:Environment, Health
The Ile-de-France known for several days a peak of fine particle pollution. AFP / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN Thursday, Ile-de-France exceeded the pollution warning level to fine particles for the fourth consecutive day. Other areas have exceeded this level
August 16 category:Media
France Info, France Culture, France Musique, Sud Radio and Sud Radio are targeted. At issue: imbalances between the speaking time of the candidates, between 20 March and 8 April last. Flickr / João Pedro, uai! France Info, France Culture, France Musi
September 11 category:Society
The shooter in the murder of two young Spanish civil guards in Capbreton (Landes) in 2007, a member of a commando of ETA, was sentenced Thursday to life imprisonment by the Penal Court of Paris. ZOCCOLAN The growing concern in the Drô
December 9 category:Environment
The Eiffel Tower in a cloud of pollution in Paris, March 27, 2014. Bonaventure It will do no good to breathe the air Ile Wednesday. The alert level to particulate pollution should be exceeded on Wednesday in Paris, announced Tuesday Ai
January 3 category:Fashion
Is a rebel regime forces of Bashar al-Assad in the north of Aleppo, Syria, August 26, 2013. AFP Live Update This is the end of this live, thank you for follow-up. >> For recent events live this Thursday, follow our live day 28.08.2013 at 21:56
January 18 category:Media, High Tech
The CSA noted that some in the entourage of Marine Lepen, were filmed with a hidden camera. Vincent Flouret Yellow card. The Higher Audiovisual Council Monday sent a warning to the D8 chain, about the distribution, on 28 May, in the magazine In searc
February 17 category:Economy
Labour Minister Michel Sapin has warned that the number of registered employment center in May will not be good AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK It's the same question every month end: how the number of job seekers will he rise again? What will the new re
July 7 category:Restaurants
DIAL: our journalist François-Régis Gaudry and Jörg Zipprick, conducted the survey on the Michelin Guide, revealing multiple pans. DR smejanes: Good morning. How do you react to these statements Berengaria Loiseau [Editor's note: posted via his Twitt
August 9 category:Fashion
People riding motorbikes and cars packed the street in Banda Aceh After A strong earthquake struck Indonesia province April 11, 2012. An 8.6 magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia on Wednesday, sending residents scurrying around the area from buil
August 16 category:Society, World
ROMA - After Brussels, it is the United Nations turn to show his concern at the Roma camps evacuations in France. AFP Paris dismantle Roma camps, the UN is worried. Several experts and UN rapporteurs called on Wednesday, the French government to ensu
September 16 category:High Tech
The fine against Microsoft, a warning example like Google. REUTERS / Thierry Roge The European Commission fined Microsoft a fine of € 561 million for non-compliance with its commitments to the implementation of a solution that enables Windows PC user
February 22 category:Economy
Inequality increased in most advanced countries, warned on Monday the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which denounces the increase in salaries of senior management and corporate profits. Coffrini Inequality increased in most
March 8 category:World, Asia
North Korea carried a second medium-range missile on its eastern coast and hoisted on a mobile missile launchers, reported Friday the South Korean agency Yonhap quoted a senior government official in Seoul. Jones South Korea and the United

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