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August 31 category:North America
Hosted by generally skeptical Haitians, Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to his country after 25 years of exile in France. REUTERS / St-Felix Evens Hosted by generally skeptical Haitians, Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to his country after a quarter cent
January 28 category:Culture, World
The Russian painter who has just left Russia for France, following the seizure of his painting showing Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in female underwear, seeks asylum in France. Maltseva Konstantin Altunin filed a for
April 25 category:South America
Supporters of train Haitian president Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier Demonstrate outside court on January 18, 2011 in Port-au-Prince. Prosecutors haitian slapped a slew of corruption loads on Duvalier, less than 48 hours training partner a
May 17 category:North America
Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier, July 5, 2014 in Port-au-Prince. Retamal Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, known as "Baby Doc" or "Baby Doc", who had ruled his country with an iron hand bef
February 23 category:South America
JEAN-CLAUDE Duvalier - The former Haitian dictator, right here with his wife Veronique Roy Duvalier could be tried for "violations of human rights." Belizaire "Baby Doc" in the dock. The former Haitian dictator Jean-
April 20 category:South America
Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, 59, returned to Haiti on Sunday. REUTERS / St-Felix Evens The former president "for life" Haitian Duvalier, nicknamed "Baby Doc", ousted in a popular uprising in 1986, arrived Sunday in H
June 11 category:Economy
The former president of Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier, nicknamed "Baby Doc" (here in Port-au-Prince in March 2011) REUTERS / Swoan Parker The Swiss government said Monday it has opened an action for confiscation of assets of former Haitian Pr
September 20 category:South America
Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier returned Sunday to Haiti after 25 years of exile in France. AFP Former Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier left his hotel in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, under police escort, witnesses said. The information c
October 21 category:South America
Haitian justice on Thursday ordered a new investigation into crimes against humanity "inalienable" attributed to former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, returned from his French exile in Port-au-Prince in 2011. Belizaire Haitian
August 10 category:News Survey
GUANTANAMO - The uncle Nabil Hadjarab, held at Guantanamo since 2002, seeking assistance from the French government for his nephew to be released and allowed to return to France. DR Friday, this is just eleven years Hadjarab Nabil, 33 years old Alger
February 19 category:Career Management
CANADA - Antony Kavanagh, too, had the experience of emigration ... from Canada to France. P.Perez Castano "I am a French quarter," he says in jest, in a thunderous laugh. The tone is set. Antony Kavanagh, born in Montreal to Haitian parent
April 18 category:Children
Baby showers arrive in France. Food Passionates "I wanted to meet my friends one last time before delivery, it was an excuse to get together," said Olivia, 27 years. The young woman, eight months pregnant, organized with his sister, there a
December 14 category:Justice
What are the chances of Leonarda family back to France? The Besançon Administrative Court must rule on this point. Nimani Epilogue Leonarda expected in the case. The Besançon Administrative Court must render its decision Tuesday after
April 29 category:Society
Leonarda Dibrani begs France to accept his return and that of his family. AFP PHOTO / Armend Nimani Calling the last chance. Leonarda Dibrani, Roma teenager whose expulsion in Kosovo in early October caused great excitement in France, pleaded Monday
August 18 category:Political
Rennes (35) on 01/03/13. Squat asylum seekers street Chateaugiron. Georgia Mom and daughter Mr. Ruaud / Andia for L'Express "Sorry, there is no place." When he arrived in Iran early January Kubar (1) has quickly learned the meaning of this
September 6 category:Health
baby bottle Image Source The Senate amended unanimously the bill providing for the prohibition of Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic food. The senators decided to limit the scope of the bill only to bottles. They also ruled out the option of an outright ba
October 29 category:TV
Mr and Mrs D. and baby Christophe Chevalin Inspired by the British show One born every minute, the docu-reality Baby Boom landed in France on TF1 on August 23 announced TéléObs. The broadcast is also planned after that of Grey's Anatomy. The show was
November 25 category:World
Former US consultant Edward Snowden, a refugee in a Moscow airport and wanted by Washington for espionage, accused Monday night US President Barack Obama to "put pressure on the leaders" of the countries to which he seeks protection.
May 2 category:Political
The Socialist deputy mayor of Evry Manuel Valls poses December 21, 2010 at the National Assembly in Paris, before his speech at the project's voting explanation of LOPPSI2 law. AFP PHOTO JOEL SAGET AFP / JOEL SAGET "I could not have favorable
July 25 category:North America
A portrait of Jean-Bertrand Aristide wielded by a supporter during a demonstration in Port-au-Prince. REUTERS / Marie Arago Thursday, August 21, the rumor ran through Port-au-Prince to arrest the day of Jean-Bertrand Aristide - the former president o

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