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March 25 category:News item
Ajaccio (Corsica) - At least six supermarkets were bombed in Corsica in the night from Sunday to Monday. Huguen High voltages night in Corsica. Retail, often denounced by Corsican nationalists for his stranglehold on the island's eco
April 28 category:Businesses
September supermarkets, two Leclerc, were bombed in the night from Sunday to Monday at Ajaccio in Corsica. Flickr / http: // Retail, often denounced by Corsican nationalists for his stranglehold on the island's economy
April 1 category:Society
A person tague FLNC the initials on a wall near Bastia, October 2, 2010éphane Agostini September supermarkets Leclerc, Casino and Decathlon had been bombed. In a statement, the FLNC claimed the attacks that hit Ajaccio and Corsica in the n
January 3 category:Businesses
Diktats. The giants of the sector remain masters of the game. Reuters In recent weeks, Lanquetot Camembert, Roquefort Society, Galbani mozzarella and milk Lactel are back in Leclerc supermarkets. The standoff between Lactalis, owner of these brands,
January 10 category:Society
Thirty farmers poured several tons of manure in front of a supermarket in Riorges (Loire), Saturday morning to put pressure on supermarkets before a national roundtable on the price of milk, is it learned source police. Monier T
January 11 category:Economy
A Carrefour supermarket in Antibes. Reuters / Eric Gaillard The prices of consumer goods in supermarkets have stabilized in September after a steady rise since the beginning of the year, announced Wednesday the National Institute of Statistics and Ec
January 14 category:Economy
Jean Merckaert, member of the CCFD-Terre Solidaire Association, "the Virgin Islands, there 830,000 companies 24,000 inhabitants, it is obvious that not all genuine economic activity there. " Flickr Using data from the "Offshore leaks
January 20 category:Escape
The O'Neills pub, a former Presbyterian church converted Muswell Hill in North London, 16 January 2014 Neal Once crossed the porch of the Presbyterian Church in Muswell Hill, an imposing red brick and pebbles, north of London, stands a h
January 26 category:Catwalks
The carpet scratched at Chanel Chanel Shopping Center show. Cardboard Magazine What would happen, happened. Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld created hysteria with their supermarket decor at Fashion Week in Paris, this Tuesday, March 4, 2014. You could find
February 7 category:Political
Campaign leaflets of the ten candidates for the Elysée. AFP [Express Yourself] This campaign came to perfect a movement we know for years: the consecration of advertising in the campaign teams. Vote François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy or Dupont has it
March 7 category:Businesses
"We do not process the Lagarde law because it was a fairly good law. It responded quite well to our major problems, but the bad practices of institutions die hard," said Wednesday Olga de Sousa, a lawyer in the UFC-Que Choisir. REUTERS / St
March 11 category:Health
French drugstore / chemist P.Deloche / Godong The drugs will be sold over the Internet but not in supermarkets. The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, said the project "is not envisaged by the government." This hypothesis has been issued by
March 13 category:Health
Sell ​​drugs in supermarkets? The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir recommended this solution to fight against the monopoly of pharmacies. REUTERS / Marcos Brindicci Sell ​​drugs in supermarkets? The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir recommende
March 14 category:Economy
French distributors want to make their stalls as attractive as those of the fresh produce market. Here at Passy. Jérôme Chatin / L'Express French retailers looking to blows investment and innovation the key to attract to their costs rays a largely un
March 18 category:European Company
Left activists broke into two Andalusian supermarkets and filled out food trolleys to redistribute them in soup kitchens. An action that is controversial in Spain. REUTERS / Sergei Karpukhin Robin Wood of modern times? Andalusian mayor and a group of
April 4 category:Politics, Elections
The nationalist candidate in municipal Gilles Simeoni. Pochard Casabianca If it was a simple matter of arithmetic, Gilles Simeoni would already be the mayor of Bastia. With his new allies for the second round on Sunday 30 March, the mo
May 4 category:News item
A police officer has committed suicide at his place of work in Corsica. REUTERS / Regis Duvignau A police captain was killed himself Thursday morning in his office in Bastia. Aged fifty years and mother of two children, she is shot in the head with t
May 7 category:Sport
Olympique Lyonnais lost on the final score from April to January in Bastia at the 29th day of Ligue 1. It remains four points behind first place and PSG before moving this past Sunday in St. -Etienne. AFP PHOTO / PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA Corsican te
May 10 category:Economy, Business
Système U's boss, Serge Papin, denounced the "lack of accountability of leaders" of the sector. Meyer Labels that continue to fall, but at what price? Ten days before the end of the annual negotiations of supermarkets, the st
May 20 category:Elections
Conquering Bastia, Gilles Simeoni (left) became the first Nationalist to lead a major city in Corsica. Pochard Casabianca After a campaign that has fascinated the island, marked by a turnout in Bastia (over 80%) well above the national

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