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April 17 category:Economy
TAXES - Advisors in heritage and tax lawyers to show serene face tax increases announced by the government in 2013 Flickr / Novopress "They are waiting for us, we come!" Exclaimed Francois Hollande in his speech of the PS summer school in L
June 22 category:Political
the victory of Socialist candidate Francois Hollande in the presidential concerned the rich, big business and markets. REUTERS / Regis Duvignau "They are waiting for us, we come!" Exclaimed Francois Hollande in his speech of the PS summer s
February 28 category:Society
A decree was approved Monday by the city of Marseille, intended to fight "against the conduct undermining public order". Demarthon Of "beggars" in the Town Hall windows. Armed with bowls full of money, demonstrator
April 16 category:Company News
Sometimes we look away, sometimes we leave a room ... Facing the begging, the French are they generous? According to the survey conducted by the trade association Bounties * France, donations from French stall. While since the outbreak of the financi
November 12 category:Society
The officers of the sixth arrondissement of Paris are mandated to "identify" and "crowd out" systematically Roma. Huguen The police of the sixth arrondissement of Paris was ordered to "identify" and
December 12 category:Society
A decree was approved Monday morning by the city of Marseille. It is intended to fight "against the conduct undermining public order", including acts of begging. Demarthon The Assistant to the security of the UMP Hall, Carol
February 16 category:Society
The mayor of Nogent-sur-Marne to ban begging in several places in his city because of the risk of "abundance" SDF. Europe Ecologie condemned "this lack of franternité." AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK Jean-Pierre Martin, the UMP mayor
April 29 category:Society
Leonarda Dibrani begs France to accept his return and that of his family. AFP PHOTO / Armend Nimani Calling the last chance. Leonarda Dibrani, Roma teenager whose expulsion in Kosovo in early October caused great excitement in France, pleaded Monday
May 26 category:Middle East
Screenshot of the August 27, 2014 when Shirley Sotloff mother of Steven Sotloff, an American journalist kidnapped and threatened with execution by the jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) beg on the Al-Arabiya, the leader of saving her son
June 29 category:Society
Claude Bartolone says to ban begging by adults with children. AFP / Guillaume Baptiste PS President of the National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, said Sunday that it was necessary to ban begging adults "with minor children" as including some
July 19 category:Job advice
When looking for a job, you have to focus on physical meetings to grow their network. Reuters / Joshua Lott Thomas Welsch, "marketing manager" in the division "fashion, luxury, duty free" Lagardère Group, published on Tuesday by L
May 17 category:Businesses
The unions 1200-2500 positions would be threatened. DR Sanofi-Aventis Yes, Sanofi will reorganize its drug research, vaccine production and support functions in France. But on possible job cuts, now boot into touch. This is what emerges from the anno
October 1 category:Flavors, Health
European health authorities recall that it is dangerous to wash raw chicken before cooking, as may be affected by bacteria. Getty Images / iStockphoto Washing her chicken before cooking risk of bad bacteria. The British Food Safety Agency (FSA) launc
July 5 category:Economy
Leaders of the US automotive industry testify at a hearing Held by the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington November 18, 2008. From left are Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally, Chrysler Chairman and CEO R
September 10 category:Receipts
Couscous straight out of the imagination of Frederick e. Grasser-Hermé. Antonin Borgeaud for Express Styles Preparation time: 20 min - Cooking time: 30 min - Easy 4 to 6 people 1 package of 500 g of couscous (mean) 50 cl premium blood orange juice pa
June 25 category:Asia
Furthermore Serge Atlaoui up to five French were in the clutches of the Indonesian justice in recent years for drug trafficking: Michael Blanc, François Giully, Thierry Vercheine, Vincent Roger Petrone and Gerard Debetz. AFP PHOTO / FILES / ROMEO GAC
October 21 category:Culture
Young non-politicized Monaco, Josh Stanley wrote a song imploring former President Nicolas Sarkozy to return. Screenshot / Youtube Monaco, aged just 16 years and non-politicized, Josh Stanley decided to put music on the advice of his mother. One of h
March 11 category:Society, Politics
Very comfortable with his costume "top cop of France", Manuel Valls stays the course. But it is enough on the ground to feel that doubt earns a portion of his troops. JP Pelissier for L'Express Those who appreciate the crediting of a "
August 9 category:Books
The marriage of "Bébert of Monaco" Sarko hides in places for less wacky. Albert Algoud Pascal Fioretto, Herlé / Editions of Timely Sarko to the beach, among Roma Sarko, Sarko in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises ... The president is hiding in twent
August 19 category:Political
Employees of the ArcelorMittal plant are mounted on Paris Thursday, March 15 to meet Nicolas Sarkozy in his campaign headquarters. They were met by tear gas and turned back towards the Pont Mirabeau. REUTERS / Charles Platiau Rue de la Convention 15t

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