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May 20 category:Health
The surgeons have a duty to remove the PIP prostheses according the College of Physicians. Nogier Surgeons implanted PIP implants have the "duty" to remove them, said Tuesday the National Medical Board. It "recommends
July 22 category:Health
The lawyer for four with breast implants from the French company PIP account assigned to the civil surgeons have failed in their duty to inform. Reuters / Eric Gaillard Surgeons are also responsible. The lawyer of four breast implants PIP, they would
October 29 category:TV
Niels Arestrup (Gérard) DR The story "The celery remoulade was disgusting and my wife really too bad I could cook more I shot..." It is on this confession and this execution that starts this black series, where a grower too gastronome to be
October 30 category:Beauty
A plastic surgeon is a temporary method of breast augmentation. Getty Images / iStockphoto A specialist in plastic surgery Manhattan (USA), Dr. Norman M. Rowe, may have found the solution that candidates for breast augmentation wait before the plunge
January 1 category:Beauty
False surgeon would injected cement and a sealant in the posterior of the patient. Flickr / Oskay What do not we do for the same post as Beyonce, J-Lo or Kim Kardashian ... A plastic surgery at low cost, performed by a fake doctor arrested on Saturda
March 27 category:Health Survey
Rare oversights surgical tool in the patients body during operations lead to winding procedures. Office That was four years ago in Lyon. Audrey, a thirty-installed in the area between the first time in the operating room of the Natecia
April 5 category:Health
Between 1994 and 2003, the patient 63 years old, originally admitted for gynecological problems, had been operated on 14 times by the two surgeons. FLICK'R / crucially The error of its surgeons made her incontinent. The Court of Appeal of Reims on Tu
April 17 category:Company News
Arrested in Spain Tuesday, August 19, he was said to be "one of the largest cosmetic surgeons in the world" is liable to four years in prison for abusing his patients. Michel Maure, who was on probation and was forbidden to leave the Bouche
June 21 category:Asia
At least 13 patients died after a sterilization operation, India. The surgeon was arrested by the police. REUTERS / Stringer The case does turn the scandal? Indian police on Wednesday arrested the surgeon sterilized with 83 women, 13 of whom died. RK
July 22 category:Health
STRIKE - A Johnny tube to help get the excess fees? Mouzy / Mouse to the crisis The white coats are angry. Surgeons entamment this Monday, November 12 an indefinite strike in clinics. This movement is coupled with an internal strike in public hospita
October 14 category:Beauty
The fake surgeon had been spotted in 2011 after the hospitalization of one of his "patients" to generalized infection (Photos provided by police in Miami, 2011). AFP For the sum of 700 euros, he promised his patients a worthy of rebounded l
November 21 category:Football
The AS Monaco striker Radamel Falcao will be operated on Saturday in Porto, northern Portugal, a left knee injury that compromises his participation in the World-2014 with British national team. Merle Portuguese surgeon who will oper
December 19 category:Health
Professor Tubiana, hand surgeon, died Monday, October 14 at the age of 98 years. Office Professor Raoul Tubiana, a pioneer in hand surgery, died Monday, October 14 at the age of 98 years. Member of the Academy of Surgery, he was also a
January 20 category:Beauty
The cosmetic surgeon David Matlock has repeatedly made his wife to look like his feminine ideal. Screenshot The day he met his partner, the American cosmetic surgeon David Matlock discovered a soul of Pygmalion. Indeed, he practiced on his wife Veron
March 12 category:Society
A patient wishes to file a complaint against the Rouen University Hospital after a clip has been forgotten in her womb after cesarean delivery Office On November 5, a woman gave birth to her fifth child, a little boy by Caesarean secti
May 31 category:News item
Three doctors have operated Corentin this 11 year old boy died after an operation for appendicitis (illustrative photo). Julien Why Corentin died of a deemed benign operation? On Wednesday, The Republican Lorrain advance new tracks: th
November 26 category:News item
A surgeon Creusot found 600 grams of cocaine in the intestine of the patient Parks In late February, a man with presents to the emergency of the Hôtel-Dieu du Creusot. The man, aged forty year old and a native of the mining area, accord
May 11 category:Justice
A surgeon was sentenced to one year suspended sentence for the death of a teenager, 2008. Evrard Found guilty of depriving "any chance of survival" a patient. The Strasbourg surgeon Dr. Raphael Moog, 46, was sentenced
June 4 category:News item
Reproduction of a photo distributed by the family of Walter Maxime, an Alsatian of 15 who died September 23, 2008 the pediatric emergency CHU Strasbourg-Hautepierre Dr. Raphael Moog, specializing in pediatric surgery visceral, will appear for
September 24 category:Health
According to a study published today, 30% of surgeons have equal stress level or above 8 out of 10. This can cause errors in diagnosis or complications detrimental to patients REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier Each year, 1.5 million surgical procedures a

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