Blood in Spinal Fluid indicates

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March 15 category:Arts
Milo Moire, during his performance at the Contemporary Art Fair in Cologne. YouTube Capture Paint a picture with paint filled eggs, it ejects its ... vagina, while totally naked. This is what the Swiss artist Milo Moire at the Contemporary Art Fair i
March 29 category:TV
The people of Bon Temps face the ravages of hepatitis V. HBO Previously on True Blood Several months have passed since the release of vampires experimental camps. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) are now a couple. Sam (Sam Trammell)
January 5 category:Movie
Blood ties, Guillaume Canet, a film not to be missed. DR William the Conqueror Blood ties, Guillaume Canet. The story: New York, 1974. Chris, fifties, was released for good behavior after several years in prison for a deadly reckoning. Outside the ja
January 5 category:Health
The blood of a dog has saved a cat after he swallowed rat poison. REUTERS / Victor Ruiz Garcia The traditional misunderstanding between dogs and cats has been temporarily put on hold. A cat from New Zealand was saved by a transfusion of blood from a
January 20 category:Society
21 October 1986. The Italian judge Giovanni Falcone instruction (second from left), arrived in Marseille, surrounded by his bodyguards. AFP / GERARD WHIP On the first page, there were only numbers. There was more titles but litany of numbers instead
February 17 category:Music
The 12th album in Indochina, in stores on Monday, draws a picture of his time, amid icy new wave and electro-pop capsized. DR Third world war scenes. Armies of the night. Lives skewed and prohibits sex. Black City Parade, the twelfth album of Indochi
February 23 category:Slimming diet
Because at birth, blood type determines our metabolic behavior, diet should fit our blood, as A, B, AB or O blood type diet Discover which allows you to find the Plan for your metabolism. Who exactly is done the blood group diet? To all those who wan
March 1 category:World
In Poland, a drunken mother gave birth to a baby highly alcoholic. Zobin Do not drink during pregnancy - the Polish 24 years should have followed that recommendation. She would have given birth to a baby with 4.5 g of alcohol in the
March 9 category:TV
Anna Paquin in True Blood Season 6. The series definitely stop at the end of Season 7. Screenshot The drama series True Blood will stop at the end of Season 7 It's Michael Lombardo, director of programs for HBO, which was announced in a press release
March 12 category:Lips
A red blood red lip, mouth bitten way to bring a sophisticated touch to makeup. Ideal for a femme fatale smile. Precious, fatal and daring, blood red lips brightens a translucent complexion. Associated with very defined eyebrows, such as Christian Di
March 22 category:Society
The candidate Koh Lanta was he doped? Anabolic traces were reportedly found in his body. Gromik / ALP / Bureau233 Gerald Babin, the candidate died during the first test of Koh Lanta was he doped? Depending on the point of the site, his autopsy reveal
March 23 category:Company News
But we thought the eccentricities stock Lady Gaga exhausted ... But the singer is imagining a blood-based perfume and sperm. Produced by the brand Coty cosmetics, this latest find is sure to shock again ... much more besides that it should captivated
April 5 category:Music
Nervous Test Icycles rock to alternative folk Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange with his new project, Devonte Hynes is the alchemist pop of 2011. Adam Brainbridge "Dev Course, run!" could we scream Devonte Hynes. Because it goes fast, he kn
April 18 category:TV
The summary of the final episode of the HBO series True Blood. screenshot Previously on True Blood Eric, Pam and Sarah Newlin Yakuza have located that hides in the facilities of the defunct Community of the Sun and thinks he is the messiah. Sookie, u
May 12 category:Celebrity news
In the case of diamonds, she had done everything to avoid appearing before the Special Court for Sierra Leone up to slap an ABC journalist. Yet she could not escape international justice, Naomi Campbell testified yesterday at the trial of Charles Tay
May 18 category:Middle East
A destroyed tank is seen in the Jobar area of ​​Damascus April 27, 2013. Picture taken April 27, 2013. REUTERS / Mohamed Dimashkia (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CONFLICT) - RTXZ2XJ Reuters / Mohamed Dimashkia Age of thirty years, the man was t
May 24 category:Scenes
Blood and Roses Koen Broos Continuing his study of Homo europaeus and mechanisms of power in Europe, the Flemish director Guy Cassiers and writer Tom Lanoye address this both their legal and religious sides. Vast continent whose leading figures, at t
June 2 category:Music
Cata.Pirata of Skip & Die Group Atlynn Vrolijk / DR You recorded your first album, Riots in the Jungle, during a road trip in South Africa, your homeland, between Soweto, Johannesburg and Cape Town. What is your approach between the studio and th
June 18 category:It comes out
[Youtube] 7gtdpnKbT10 [/ youtube] There is little we told you of "Palo Alto" Gia Coppola, released yesterday in theaters. And now we discover that the niece Sofia also directed the video for the soundtrack of the film, "You're Not Good
June 21 category:TV
Find the Bon Temps supernatural team last season of True Blood. DR Waiting sucks. But this time it will be the last. The adventures of supernatural heroes True Blood returns for a final season that promises more bloody than ever! This seventh season

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