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August 11 category:Chain Trends
Wake at dawn to Camp Biche, one of the few French boot camp. Every morning at 6:15, students meet for two hours Pilates, yoga or zumba. Then, after a breakfast full of vitamins, this will be the start for four hours of brisk walking. Romain Saada / A
July 19 category:Shape
The bootcamp is the ideal solution to push your limits and a sweat for several days. Getty Images Club Med in military version Club Med Pompadour's Fitness Bootcamp offers several programs to push your limits. The bravest will jump into the Commando
April 23 category:Practice
Bungee jumping, rafting or Boot Camp ... What activities to offer thrills to the bride during her maiden bachelor party? Getty Images / iStockphoto A bungee jump And if the girl bachelor was an opportunity to test the temper of the bride and check th
January 3 category:North America
Stephanie Robertson is one of the 205,000 women engaged in the Marines. REUTERS / Lance Cpl. Marionne T. Mangrum / US Marine Corps / Handout Women Marines escape traction. The elite corps of the US Army decided to postpone indefinitely the obligation
March 27 category:TV
Under the dome series adapted from the Stephen King novel, is broadcast on CBS. CBS / capture Previously on Under the Dome. Big Jim and Ollie Densmore fought for propane inventory control and it is Big Jim who won, Norrie and Joe found a mini-dome in
July 8 category:TV, Film
SUB-DOUES. Film directed by Claude Zidi in 1980, with Daniel Auteuil. Films Prod DB © 7 / DR On the program this Thursday night on TMC: The Sub-gifted Claude Zidi, Bachelor potacho-comedy directed in 1980. The movie tells the incredible journey of a
April 27 category:Movie
THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY - Meeting with Martin Freeman aka The Hobbit. DR When Lord of the Rings movie fans plunged into Middle Earth, Martin Freeman, he finally pierced as an actor in a series of office life. He had no idea that The Office
March 7 category:Regions
It's an incredible story known. "White gold" was introduced in the region during the Second World War by exploited workers Indochina. A recognition ceremony was held yesterday in Arles. VU QUOC PHAN Camargue rice, which appears with bulls a
March 20 category:TV
Screenshot of the trailer of the series Under The Dome. Screen Capture / DR The summary. Welcome to Chester Mill. The series opens with a close up of a dome, which proves to be an egg. It hatches, leaving a baby raven emerge calling his mother, who f
August 12 category:New Feminism
The Femen, famous feminist topless, arrived in Paris on Tuesday. Set in the popular district of the Goutte d'or, they opened it an international training camp ... They describe themselves as "sextrémistes" and dusted off the image of femini
April 18 category:World
Pro-Ouattara fighters from a group qui calls Itself the "invisible commandos" patrol a street in northern Abidjan's Abobo district March 26, 2011. Fighting in Ivory Coast's main city is spreading and the death toll from a power struggle ent
October 24 category:World
Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara's forces on Wednesday launched an assault against the "invisible commando" Ibrahim Coulibaly, known as "IB" in his stronghold north of Abidjan, having summoned to disarm the group that helped th
February 7 category:World
Pro-Ouattara fighters from a group qui calls Itself the "invisible commandos" guard an area in northern Abidjan's Abobo district March 26, 2011. Fighting in Ivory Coast's main city is spreading and the death toll from a power struggle entre
July 25 category:Fashion
Iconic models of the brand, the binoculars shoes are still as fanciful. DR Why a pair of shoes should they always be composed of two completely identical shoes? That a little bit ridiculous, you are you may already asked one morning by your shoelaces
June 18 category:World
A protest anti-Gbagbo holds a masked machete Pendant protests in the Abobo area of ​​Abidjan March 3, 2011. Ivorian security force shot dead seven women protestors on Thursday and the United Nations Said at least 365 people died in violence since HAD
January 5 category:Middle East
The medical staff takes a stretcher on which a Palestinian wounded April 7, 2014 in Saida Zayyat Nine Palestinians were killed Monday in clashes between two armed groups in the Palestinian refugee camp of Mieh Mieh, near the city of S
January 6 category:Society
Montreuil - An evacuation of a Roma camp was held on Thursday (illustrative image). Szajner Dozens of Roma were evicted Thursday morning from their camp of Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. They waited, in the early evening outside the town
January 8 category:Shape
FORM - How to choose ski boots is a crucial step for a good holiday on the slopes. REUTERS The criteria to be considered Okay, neon orange shoes on display are beautiful, but the look is far from a priority. The secret in choosing a ski boot is comfo
January 11 category:Africa
Incumbent President Abdoulaye Wade at the presidential palace in Dakar February 27, 2012 Sanogo "Everything is still possible," assured Monday Abdoulaye Wade, however, hoping to win in the first round of the presidential elec
January 13 category:Society
COMPANY - A Roma camp in Evry, 23 August 2012. Tribouillard Police made Monday morning to the expulsion of a camp occupied by over 70 Roma along railway tracks in Evry city ruled until June by the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls. Europe

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