bourg en bresse

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January 31 category:Economy
Bourg-en-Bresse, an urban area of ​​100,000 inhabitants. Here, the street Alsace-Lorraine. Wikimedia Commons The Group Georges Blanc, the many cheese (including Bressor), the AOC of the Bresse poultry ... The economy of Bourg-en-Bresse irresistibly e
February 6 category:News item
The number of inmates in French prisons amounted to 1 May to 64,584, more than the historical peak of 64,250 in July 2008, according to monthly figures released Tuesday by the Prison Service. Guez A mutiny took place on Thursday in Bourg
December 5 category:News item
A major fire broke out Saturday morning at the Baccarat crystal, located sixty kilometers from Nancy, caused by a gas leak, do we have learned from the firefighters of Meurthe-et-Moselle. Faget A native man from Bosnia and Herzegovi
April 2 category:Flavours
Although the birds are fed grain and milk powder, they have to find a third of their food by themselves. © Guillaume ATGER / Divergence for L? Express White plumage, plump thighs, generous overweight, they look great. Sheltered from the cold in a bar
January 15 category:Sport
TOUR DE FRANCE - The Cofidis rider Remy Di Gregorio was set Thursday examination. REUTERS / Bogdan Cristel The French rider of the Cofidis team, Rémy Di Gregorio, 26, and a "naturopath" 75, arrested on Tuesday and heard from the gendarmes a
February 12 category:Economy, Real Estate
In Rennes, rental prices rose 2.9% year on year, according SeLoger. Flickr / Creative Commons / Redjar Methodology Ad prices The prices indicated in the tables against come from a database provided by and sites. They repres
February 17 category:Justice
The atrocity of the murder of the little Valentine caused a national stir. AFP PHOTO / JEFF PACHOUD A sentence of 30 years imprisonment was imposed on Friday appealed to the Rhone Assize Court against Stéphane Moitoiret for the murder of the little V
March 25 category:News item
The wanted notice posted on the basketball club of the site to which the young man missing for six days. DR A disappearance deemed "worrying". A young man of 21, who left his parents' home for six days driving the company car from his fathe
April 14 category:Sport
The next Tour de France, which starts July 5th from England include paved areas in the north of France and five mountain finishes The route of the 2014 Tour de France was presented Wednesday in Paris. For this 101th edition, the race will sta
June 4 category:Regions
Each year, about one million of them change French region - here Benet, in Vendée. "When we bought our house completely isolated at the bottom end Perche to spend weekends and vacations there, we do not
June 9 category:Regions, Politics
Roissy airport is not included in the scope of the future metropolis of Greater Paris. Absurd! Bouys Why create a metropolis? The objective is difficult to contest. The current organization of the Paris region resembles a kind of trea
June 24 category:Businesses
VINCI. The Court of Appeal upheld the conviction Lyon Eurovia (Vinci group) after the death of a worker bitumen suites of skin cancer. Reuters / Charles Platiau This is a first in France. The Court of Appeal of Lyon acknowledged Tuesday that construc
July 6 category:News item
A motorist 63 years died Monday in a collision with a TER to a crossing, near Bourg-en-Bresse. Faget A motorist 63 years died Monday in a collision with a TER to a crossing, near Bourg-en-Bresse. The collision occurred at 17:20 betw
July 7 category:Regions
On 11 October, an opposition demonstration in the merger of Alsace with Lorraine regions, Champagne-Ardenne. REUTERS / Christian Hartmann Alsace will she escape the merger with Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne regions? The Nord-Pas-de-Calais marry he f
July 17 category:News item
A man in his fifties committed suicide by hanging in his cell Monday in the penitentiary center of Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) AFP PHOTO / MIGUEL MEDINA New suicide in prison. An inmate of a fifty year committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell priso
July 24 category:Businesses
In Saint-Chely-d'Apcher, the steel giant has invested 90 million euros to produce electrical steels for wind turbines markets and hybrid and electric cars. REUTERS / Thierry Roge ArcelorMittal seeks to wipe out his past into Florange is now giving th
July 30 category:Justice
A sentence of 30 years' imprisonment, together with a minimum term of two thirds was required on Thursday appealed against Stéphane Moitoiret. Ksiazek A sentence of 30 years' imprisonment, together with a minimum term of two thi
August 5 category:News item
A father threatens to go to Syria for Turkey to join the Al-Nusra Front with his daughter 20 months. AFP PHOTO / ACHILLEAS ZAVALLIS An international arrest warrant was issued against the father suspected of kidnapping his daughter 20 months in Ain wh
August 21 category:News item
Two people died and five others are in "absolute urgency" following a fire in an apartment building in Aubervilliers, do we learned from the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis Christian Lambert. Huguen If the circumstances are no
September 17 category:Society
Mountaineers are blocked by the passage of an avalanche during their ascent of Mont Blanc, July 29, 1994 in Chamonix (Haute-Savoie) Bessard The peaks of the Mont-Blanc, even in the heart of summer, the perceived temperature can reach

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