Cameroonians in prison in France

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January 2 category:Society
Policemen stand guard Basque ETA in front of the building Where Garikoitz Aspiazu, aka Txeroki, one of the leaders of the Basque separatist Suspected ETA Was arrested This group overnight, on November 17, 2008 in the southwestern town of Cauterets.
July 29 category:Justice
More than 68 000 people are currently incarcerated in France. fdelencre The latest figures released Thursday by the prison administration were marked by a record number of inmates. With 68,859 inmates to 57,680 seats, the occupancy rate of 251 French
September 20 category:Society
France is regularly condemned by the European Court of Human Rights because of its prisons. Guay Damning report on French prisons. Published on Wednesday, the report of the International Observatory of Prisons (OIP) identifies an inc
May 13 category:TV
Outlaws. Entering prison. The story of François Chilowicz Bellota Films A kind of screw my life arrested In the first part of this trilogy, the director, François Chilowicz, followed six defendants accused of rape, theft to the trailer, burglary, ill
February 21 category:Society
An inmate of 23 years died after hanging himself using his pajamas anti-suicide kit in the night from Sunday to Monday in the prison of Health in Paris, will to a judicial source and prison. Robine Sad record for French prisons. With 67,
October 17 category:Justice
Designed for difficult inmates, prison Condé-sur-Sarthe was inaugurated May 30, 2013 with the intention to launch a new concept in prison ultrasécurisée with one inmate per cell and an omnipresent surveillance. AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU The recent cris
February 2 category:Justice
CHAD - Eric Breteau and Emilie Lelouch were sentenced by the Paris Criminal Court to three years in prison, two farm. AFP PHOTO / PASCAL GUYOT At the trial of Zoe's Ark, Eric Breteau and Emilie Lelouch were sentenced to two years in prison for trying
March 17 category:Justice
Florent Gonçalves appealed his dismissal, but he assumes. "If it again, I'll sign," he says. His story now interested cinema. L. Abib / Signatures for L'Express It appears this frail glass walkway that leads to the offices of his publisher.
March 17 category:Justice
View of the newly-constructed building in the men's Fleury-Merogis prison, near Paris, October 27, 2008. REUTERS / Bertrand Guay / Pool (FRANCE) REUTERS / Bertrand Guay Over the years, numerous reports and investigations have denounced the detention
August 15 category:Society
The Comptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty, Jean-Marie Delarue Tribouillard Your struggle to improve the living conditions of the 67 000 prisoners is it against the tide of public opinion? The problem in our country is
November 9 category:Justice
Marcel Guillot, 93, the oldest prisoner in France, accused of killing a woman in love in spite of 82 years in 2011 is considered in Reims in the Assize Court of the Marne. Peyrucq The great age of "Grandpa Marcel" does not ex
May 5 category:Society
Inmates from prison Lannemezan (Hautes-Pyrénées) filming armed themselves in their cells and threaten another prisoner. Youtube The police are investigating in Lannemezan (Hautes-Pyrénées) for how to at least three inmates were in one of the most sec
December 5 category:Society
Muslim chaplain, Mohamed wants Loueslati alert the French company on the explosive situation in the prisons, where the Muslim detainees, the majority, sometimes radicalized in contact with and hateful self-proclaimed imams. A real rant. While Muslim
January 12 category:Health
The "Sub" has become a drug that has replaced heroin on the sidewalks. Addicts snort or inject it to restore the euphoric effect of the opioid. REUTERS / Diana Markosian Farah, Deborah and Dawn palm dreamed tousled by the trade winds and tu
January 16 category:Europe
A new trial of the Ukrainian opponent Yulia Tymoshenko, already sentenced to seven years in prison, began Thursday, but it prosecuted for embezzlement and denouncing a political matter, do not come to the hearing, citing health problems.
January 18 category:Company News
By sending a package containing sweets and books to Florence Break, Valerie Trierweiler formalizes support. A move that brand again Elysée engagement, relaunching the same time hope the relatives of the young woman, jailed for 7 years in Mexico ... S
February 7 category:High Tech
The speech by Nicolas Sarkozy after operation RAID, which ended with the death of Mohamed Merah. REUTERS / France Television During his subsequent address to the death of Mohamed Merah, the head of the killings of Toulouse and Montauban, Nicolas Sark
April 1 category:World
The announcement that seven French tourists kidnapped Tuesday in the extreme north of Cameroon have been found safe in northern Nigeria has not been confirmed. Preel There is uncertainty about the fate of the family of seven French hosta
May 10 category:Justice
Audience Sketch showing Marcel Guillot (d) before the Assize Court of the Marne, 26 March 2014 Peyrucq Marcel Guillot, known as "Grandpa Marcel", is the oldest prisoner in France to 93 years. He was sentenced Friday by the As
September 27 category:Society
The situation in the prison of the Essonne illustrates the current tensions in French prisons. Reportage. DR Two barricades - including inflamed - cut off access to the prison of Fleury-Merogis (Essonne). On one side, a hundred supervisors angry. On

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