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October 1 category:Books
The rent charged to the manager of the bookstore castela amounts to 800,000 euros per year. REUTERS After 95 years of loyal service, the castela Toulouse library will put the key under the door in February. Why such a cultural institution, founded in
March 6 category:Books
Place du Capitole in Toulouse will lose one of its emblems castela the library. REUTERS At the time of the triumphant commercial areas and e-commerce, independent bookstores are dying. The castela library Toulouse, veritable institution since 1917, i
June 11 category:Books
Toulouse: Marathon des mots 2006. people looking books available to the public in the open air library installed Place du Capitole. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP Founded in 2005 by Olivier Poivre d'Arvor, the 9th Marathon word starts June 27 in Toulouse f
January 5 category:Swimming
The French Alexianne Castel, in the semi-finals of 200m ladies Monday. Stansall Alexianne Castel was crowned European champion in the 200m backstroke ladies 2'08''41 ahead of Germany's Jenny Mensing (2'09''55) and the Spanish Duane Da Roc
August 11 category:Employment Regions
Subscription shipping to 10 euros, free cultural events ... young people are spoiled. © City of Toulouse At the end of July, Toulouse is crushed by a blazing sun. But the evening with fresh, around Capitol places Carmelite or St. Pierre, terraces ove
January 12 category:It comes out
You know of course Benjamin Moreau musical aesthetic nights Baron. Surely you know Benjamin Moreau member of the duo Kolkoz artists, it forms with Samuel Boutruche. You may know Benjamin MC of a revolutionary radio. He has a crazy and wonderful proje
January 16 category:Books
The first edition signed by Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf". Souza The library of Berck-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais), at the center of controversy since it proposed Mein Kampf (the book of Adolf Hitler) decided Thursday morning to stop
January 17 category:Middle East Company
A member of the Free Syrian Army in position to shoot, in the district of Aleppo. REUTERS / Zohra Bensemra Both parties Toulouse teens early January to Syria war were recovered, the first being back in France on Sunday, the second to follow shortly.
January 17 category:Political
TOULOUSE - At the Congress of the PS, the Socialists have made many statements of unconditional support (or not) to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, under fire from critics. AFP PHOTO / LIONEL BONAVENTURE "The head of state was glad of this Con
January 18 category:Political
The presidential candidates start their campaign in brackets after the Toulouse tragedy is ... The presidential candidates put their campaign in brackets after the Toulouse tragedy is ... the least of it! 23% responsible and Republican 34% crocodile
January 19 category:High Tech
ONLINE MUSIC. Purchased legally or not, we can not do what you want with the music on iTunes. REUTERS / Robert Galbraith Information, denied since that Bruce Willis was about to attack Apple about the transferability of iTunes libraries, had the meri
January 23 category:Society
The funeral of the victims of the massacre of Toulouse began Wednesday morning on Mount rest in Jerusalem. REUTERS / Baz Ratner While the scooter killer was located in Toulouse and is surrounded by the Raid, the funeral of the four Jewish victims of
February 2 category:Ideas Business, Enterprise
With the app Art, Book, Magazine on your iPad to access the first digital library dedicated to contemporary art DR Morose climate for the new edition of the Book Fair: book sales have stagnated since the beginning of the year and reading lights do no
February 8 category:News item
In the district of Minimes in Toulouse, it took no less than 20 police officers to overcome unleashed a bodybuilder. Huguen Taser discharges were upon him "the effect of a mosquito bite," the man was so excited. Twenty poli
February 13 category:Society
Abdelkader Merah, brother of the killer scooter, is under investigation for the case of the killings of Toulouse and Montauban. The survey seeks to clarify its relationship with Mohamed. Tribouillard Abdelkader Merah he helped his broth
February 22 category:Policy, Near and Middle East
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be honored on November 1 to Jewish children killed in March in Toulouse by Mohamed Merah. Tibbon Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be received on October 31 at the Elysee Palace
February 26 category:Political
Eva Joly, Cécile Duflot and Nicolas Hulot June 4, 2011 in La Rochelle Muller A first discussion to launch mechanics. Monday in Toulouse, will be held the first debate of the primary Europe-Ecologie Les Verts. Nicolas Hulot Eva Jol
March 8 category:Society
The killer to the scooter became the most wanted man in France, with thousands of police officers engaged in a massive manhunt. AFP / Eric Cabanis Facts On Monday, around 8:10, scooter man opened fire in front of Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulous
March 10 category:World Society
Pakistani Taliban fighters hold weapons As They recevoir training in Ladda, South Waziristan tribal area, in this still picture taken from a video, shot entre December 9 to December 14, 2011. REUTERS / Reuters TV (PAKISTAN - Tags: CIVIL UNREST) REUTE
March 14 category:Books
"The Internet of Things, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will converge and will be so many doors of communication between the real and the virtual, material and immaterial," said Lorenzo Soccavo. Jean-Louis Zimmermann / Flickr

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