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September 20 category:Movie
Switzerland's filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard speaks Pendant news conference room at a Tokyo hotel October 23, 2002. Godard Flew Into Japan on Tuesday recevoir has Praemium Imperiale Award in the Theatre / Film from [Japanese Prince Hitachi.] Reuters Livin
April 9 category:Movie
CINEMA. Spectators in front of a giant screen at the Locarno Film Festival in 2009. Albertalli This is the most discreet film festival, but also one of the most glamorous, held each summer on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Locarno, a small
April 11 category:Movie
Our contributor, <Link Url = ""> Bertie </ link>, enthusiastic initially, was finally disappointed by the latest thriller from Steven Soderbergh. DR Barely six months after the release
May 30 category:Movie
Na Hong Jin on the set of The Murderer. The Covenant Where are u from? Na Hong-jin: I followed early artistic studies. I loved painting and especially the world of South Korean manga. My childhood dream was also to become a draftsman. This activity h
June 3 category:Movie
Be careful guys, at the corner of the gallery, you'll be afraid ... The Thing, in theaters on October 12th. DR 1911 Jackie Chan and Li Zhang Historical epic about the Chinese Revolution ... 1911 establishing the Republic of China, with Jackie Chan in
June 22 category:Movie
SUNDANCE 2013 - Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck and Brit Marling were the stars of the day. REUTERS 9am: So how raw 2013 Michael Winterbottom real Stakhanovite the big screen (not less than 6 films in 3 years)? To stay in th
January 27 category:Movie
The team of the film "Winter Sleep" takes a break at Cannes, May 16 Langlois Cannes is actually like an endless day. Each year, we would like it again said Pierre Perret. He was right. Cannes is an eternal. Each year, the e
May 6 category:VIP
Channing Tatum Fred Prouser / REUTERS What is he doing? Channing Tatum plays GI Joe, nice and brave plastic soldier of our childhood. In 2009, the hero becomes encased gadgets. Forgotten the basic parachutes and khaki fatigues, instead of the combina
April 20 category:Movie
Actors on the set of French Our years July 28, 2011 in Autun Pachoud The young Zhou Enlai, future Prime Minister, runs outside the town hall of Autun in a setting 1920: if not completely accurate historically, this scene of French Our ye
June 14 category:Lifestyle News
A new technology, new practice! Far from the phenomenon of "happy slapping" of filming violent scenes with his phone so they end up on the internet, mini-films made from mobile now join the 7th art. Accessible to all, the creation of "
January 2 category:Movie
In winter, the cold and the crisis are not good reasons to depress! Therapy with their happiness, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence show us that we can find hope in even the saddest situations. A philosophy to adopt! With his film Silver Linings P
January 2 category:Movie
Pierce Brosnan Salvation boulevardde George Ratliff 2010 Mandalay Pictures 15h: After 24:30 flight to Salt Lake City and 45 minutes to Park City and sunny peaks, finally here I am in the heart of Sundance 2011. Located more than 2,500 meters above se
January 5 category:Movie
Blood ties, Guillaume Canet, a film not to be missed. DR William the Conqueror Blood ties, Guillaume Canet. The story: New York, 1974. Chris, fifties, was released for good behavior after several years in prison for a deadly reckoning. Outside the ja
January 8 category:Movie
Only God Forgives, The Great Bellezza, Alata ... In the jungle of events for May 22, L'Express and Studio Ciné Live help you see more clearly. Kapong-Shi-Kornporiphan The movie punch Only God Forgives Nicolas Winding Refn The story: In Bangkok, Julia
January 9 category:Hairdressing
Milla Jovovich, topped by Dessange teams on 18 May 2011. R Eric Gaillard / Reuters Vahina Giocante, Bar Rafaeli, Julie Gayet, Milla Jovovich, Laetitia Casta, Diane Kruger, Uma Thurman: they all Dessange hair done by teams in Cannes. visit
January 11 category:Movie
Guillermo del Toro will conduct his first animated feature film in 3D and stop-motion. REUTERS Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy) will direct his first animated feature film in 2013 and his hero is none other than the puppet Pinocchio. It
January 11 category:Movie
<Italic> Side Effects, 11.6, <italic> Quartet </ italic> </ italic> ... In the jungle of the outputs of April 3, L'Express and Studio Ciné Live help you see more clearly. DR A solid puzzle Secondary effects of Steven Soderberg
January 14 category:Movie
Cannes lives at the time of the festival. Is that you? REUTERS / Christian Hartmann Shifted due to presidential elections kick off the Cannes Film Festival is given this Wednesday, May 16 with Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson opening. An eclectic jury
January 15 category:Movie
Here is the list of films selected for Critics' Week at its 52th edition, which runs from May 16 to 24 DR Opening Film: Suzanne Katell Quillévéré (France) Closing Film: 3x3D Peter Greenaway, Edgar Pera and Jean-Luc Godard Competition Salvo Grassadoni
January 15 category:Fashion
Jason Schwartzman in Italian racing driver for Prada in a short film by Wes Anderson. Screenshot YouTube Six months after the campaign Candy Lea Seydoux, Prada offers Wes Anderson's services again for "Prada Classics," a series of short fil

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