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March 20 category:High Tech
Wikipedians exit, on the occasion of the general assembly of Wikimedia France, Strasbourg, March 2014. © M. Szypuria / Haytham L'Express That day, they could obtain information on the official language of the former USSR, create new racetrack page Za
May 4 category:Books
Michel Houellebecq November 8, 2010, the day he received the Prix Goncourt for his novel The map and the territory. B.Tessier / Reuters Michel Houellebecq will have to clarify that it was inspired by Wikipedia articles to write The Map and the Territ
June 16 category:Books
Philip Roth is the author of thirty novels, most recently appeared in France, Le Lowering. REUTERS / Eric Thayer Friday, September 7, Philip Roth published in the New Yorker an open letter to Wikipedia that reports of unusual mishap. The writer has d
July 2 category:High Tech
Jimmy Wales, president and founder of Wikipedia. Keith Bedford / Reuters This week the US Senate must vote SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) on Piracy screaming most of the major Internet players. Wikipedia in protest, outright strike threat: Jimmy Wales
July 16 category:High Tech Health
A woman is vaccinated against the influenza virus H1N1 in Marseille, November 2009 REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier Wikipedia is more reliable than Google to track influenza. This is the conclusion arrived John Brownstein, processor to the medical facul
August 16 category:Styles
Sites for content, blogs, Web UFOs fresh insights and appreciated ... It would be a shame not to show you. DR The choice of the fashion section Create a book-shaped clutch bag Feel like Olympia Le-Tan through owl blog tutorial Runway DIY. Sarah Burto
August 19 category:Economy, High Tech
wikipedia DR Hundreds of millions of people visit it every month. However, this monument is located on any map, not a road leads there. Impossible, however, to miss the Tower of Babel of human knowledge erected by 100,000 participants volunteers arou
August 19 category:Fashion News
Top international model, brilliant businesswoman, mother caring, Cindy Crawford excels in all areas. At 47, this wonder woman has launched a new challenge: to create exclusive his first collection in collaboration with C & A. "I always dream
September 16 category:Fashion News
Launched by Foot Locker there just a year, the site Sneakerpedia now has many followers. And to celebrate his birthday, he invited us to his competition "Crate of The Month" which rewards the best sneaker collections. There addicts stiletto
October 20 category:It comes out
[Youtube] GwWL8r4Pm-Q [/ youtube] What you'll see here might not AT ALL make you want to drink in moderation. But good. The dailyELLE takes the risk of all Paris Casamigos Tequila bottle in hand, because George Clooney and Cindy Crawford who wake up
March 12 category:Political
Junior Mnister for Overseas territories Yves Jego leaves the Elysee Palace After Attending the weekly cabinet meeting, on December 3, 2008 in Paris. AFP PHOTO / GERARD CERLES "This page is the subject of considerable disagreement among participa
December 18 category:VIP Fashion
Kaia is the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber former model. Reuters / DR "She's too young," he told the Daily Mail Cindy Crawford on Thursday about the modeling career of her daughter. Kaia Gerber, 10, last month became the face o
January 2 category:Society
The military radio station of Pierre High, in the Puy de Dome, was the subject of an article on Wikipedia, which was censored after the intervention of the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI). Wikimedia Commons / S. RIMBAUD Already im
January 31 category:Media, High Tech
wikipedia DR Wikipedia unreachable Wednesday? The online encyclopedia said Monday it will close its English pages for 24 hours on Wednesday to protest against anti-piracy bills currently under consideration in the US Congress. "Warning students!
October 17 category:High Tech
Participatory encyclopedia attracts 65 million visitors per month Wikipedia screenshot The English version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia celebrated its three millionth item Monday with the publication of a text on a Norwegian actress. Wikipedi
March 20 category:Fashion
Cindy Lauper and Tavi Gevinson: a great age difference (mind)? DR The Japanese brand Uniqlo chose Cindy Lauper and Tavi Gevinson for the campaign of his collaboration with the brand Orla Kiely. The collection-which includes a series of 40 tops (T-shi
April 29 category:High Tech
Wikipedia has launched a collaborative travel guide, called Wikivoyage. Screenshot Wikivoyage The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has beautiful losing contributors, it continues to believe the model of collaborative web. The site announced Tuesday the
May 9 category:Businesses, High Tech
Michel Houellebecq was awarded the Prix Goncourt for his latest book, "The Map and the Terrirtiore" some passages which have been inspired by Wikipedia. REUTERS / Benoit Tessier What happened exactly? The case began in early September when
June 6 category:High Tech
First sold on CD and DVD, and subscription on the internet, Microsoft's encyclopedia has not withstood the onslaught Wikipedia. DR Wikipedia's success is a new victim. Monday night, Microsoft announced the upcoming closure of its online encyclopedia.
August 14 category:How we did before
Before, people who put themselves painted themselves completely to their advantage (or at least thought so) and the clothes they wore, how they arranged themselves on them, took considerable importance. Cindy Sherman has re fake tables (these are pic

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