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June 16 category:Movie
Actresses Laetitia Casta and Claude Gensac, popular wife of Louis de Funes on the screen, along with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet were decorated Wednesday in the Order of Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, a journalist f
October 7 category:Music Company
© PHOTOPQR / THE PARIS / Florian Loisy; THE DANNEMOIS 16/03/2013 - The tripods supporting wreaths have their feet breezes, flower pots are breakages, plates of marble pieces, trampled flowers. The ornaments on the tomb of claude francois singer were
June 24 category:Movie
Claude Gensac and Karin viard divides the poster. The film was released in theaters on 22 January. Isabelle Razavet / Arturo Mio Lulu just missed a job interview, and on a whim, decided not to go home, leaving her husband and children; a few days of
January 19 category:Film, TV
CINEMA - Pierre Mondy But what happened in the seventh company? Robert Lamoureux (1973). YouTube screenshot [Express Yourself] Pierre Mondy is one of those men who have left an imprint. The actor died of what journalists euphemistically call "a
March 11 category:TV
Households scene versus Plus Belle La Vie: Who won the game? Screenshot It's an evening that may be widely watched. On September 17, at 20:50, viewers will have the choice between the premium Plus Belle la Vie, broadcast on France 3; Households and s
April 26 category:Movie
In the film Dany Boon as in his shows, you never laughs "against" but "with." Here Supercondriaque. © Jean-Claude Lother Dany Boon, laughing together The figures speak for him! A little over a million entries for Happy House 20.5
February 2 category:TV
Emma Colberti (Maud) and GÃ © rard Rinaldi (Michel) RÃ © realization: Bernard MALATERRE Jean-Marc Haedrich - Visual Press Agency Gérard Rinaldi died following a long illness. The actor and singer was 69 years old. Back to videos on the career of a po
August 21 category:Movie
Delia Espinat-Dief is showing the movie 'Sadness Club ", released in cinemas on Wednesday. Kazak Productions Yesterday Any young Delia Espinat-Dief was much in the theater with his parents. But she never would have thought one day go on stage an
November 9 category:Movie
"Me, Myself and Mum", "Strangers on a lake" and "Life Adele", Golden Palm in Cannes, among the candidates for the 2014 César for best film, said Friday the Academy of Caesars. Kovarik The 40th Cesar Award
December 15 category:Movie
Louis de Funes and his wife Jeanne, 17 December 1977, the wedding of their son. AFP Jeanne is a party regain Louis. The widow of Louis de Funes has died Saturday, March 7 at the age of 101 reported Le Point. The legendary actor had married Jeanne-Aug
June 29 category:Society
Claude Bartolone says to ban begging by adults with children. AFP / Guillaume Baptiste PS President of the National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, said Sunday that it was necessary to ban begging adults "with minor children" as including some
January 16 category:Company News
String size 8 years, children's spa, anti-wrinkle cream for little girl ... hypersexualisation worried more parents. To fight against this phenomenon which is gradually taking up in France, Chantal Jouanno, UMP senator, offers a series of recommendat
January 31 category:Books
Jean-Claude Pirotte columnist Read Franck Courtès The company just crazy about Serge Pey is surprising. It is about creating or recreating a polymorphous and multidimensional universe where the player-dive. And do not intact fate of this immersion in
April 9 category:Society
15 after the death of Prefect Claude Erignac, Manuel Valls paid tribute to him in Paris on Wednesday. AFP PHOTO STEPHAN AGOSTINI A murder that marked the spirits. The Interior Minister Manuel Valls paid tribute Wednesday to the Prefect of Corsica Cla
April 13 category:Political
The UMP Rhone Philippe Cochet accused the left-wing majority of "murdering children" by adopting marriage for all. AFP It was feared. Examination of the gay marriage bill by the National Assembly turned to boxing on Thursday. The Minister o
April 30 category:High Tech
A large majority of children between 3 and 12 connect each week on the Internet, and the average age for the first connection would be 9 years, according to two studies. REUTERS / Luke MacGregor The new generation of online recruiting is almost in th
May 31 category:Books
Claudie Gallay novelist, winner of Elle readers in 2008, released his new book, 'A Piece of Sky' at Actes Sud on 21 August. Melania Avanzato The book A brother, two sisters, Philip, Gaby, Carole. This is the second speaker. She left her small apartme
June 20 category:The debate of the week
Since Thursday, the new Foundation for Children campaign denouncing the spankings and slaps on children is broadcast on the Internet and on television. A video that reopens the debate on the usefulness of a law prohibiting the practice. Maltreatment:
April 10 category:Scenes
Little Red Riding Hood, adapted by Joel Pommerat E. Carrechio Ever despised discipline Theater for young audience Advisor to the National Office arts presenters (Onda), Brigitte Chaffaut his point of view on this rapidly changing sector. "For fi
July 11 category:Europe
Philippe Frioud plac? the home of? ducation Pr? the? Mountain Diesse? the age of 17, photographed the home of? ducation Pr? them. JPGuilloteau / L'Express In his plush apartment, along the quiet streets of Zurichberg, crested hill Zurich, Ursula Müll

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