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February 19 category:Media
The New Yok Times corrected an error in an old section 161 years. Archives screenshot New York Times It is never too late to correct a mistake. The New York Times, a leading US daily newspapers published in its Tuesday edition errata regarding an art
February 26 category:Justice
The juries are strongly criticized in a report to Christiane Taubira. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK The juries correctional live their last hours. This iconic extent Nicolas Sarkozy will be dropped from the five-year term on 30 April, announced Monday
March 5 category:Education
More than eight in ten French (85%) want a continuous monitoring role in the baccalaureate examination, according to an Ifop poll for South West Sunday, while the kickoff Monday of 2012 tray is an opportunity for supporters the continuous monitoring
March 20 category:Justice
Clichy-sous-bois - Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré had died electrocuted of 27 October 2005 in a power substation where they had taken refuge. of Sakutin The Court of Appeal of Rennes returned Friday the two correctional officers involve
April 20 category:Media, Justice
Le Point and Mediapart were ordered Thursday to withdraw permanently from their websites hackers records. Guillot Prosecutors in Bordeaux requested the referral correctional six people, including five journalists, violating the priva
April 24 category:High Tech
Olivier Fecherolle can not imagine a "finalized, comprehensive and efficient" service in the immediate Reuters / John Schults Last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that Facebook is preparing to launch next month employment service. T
June 22 category:Employment
Short contracts (CDD, seasonal contracts, temporary work, internships, apprenticeships and subsidized contracts) are almost exclusively for less than 30 years. REUTERS / Vincent Kessler [Express Yourself] The new President of the Republic has made ​​
July 10 category:Political
Francois Hollande holds its second meeting in Rouen on Wednesday from 18.45. REUTERS On its website, the British left-wing daily mentions in his column "Corrections and clarifications," he corrected Tuesday its article dated the day before
July 20 category:Political
The PS MP Sylvie Andrieux, a candidate to succeed him despite his dismissal before the criminal court. AFP PHOTO / GERARD JULIEN With the Guerin case, it is another matter that hinders the PS in the Bouches-du-Rhône: the MP Sylvie Andrieux, who is se
August 3 category:Politics, Society
While the Minister of Interior has made very hard Tuesday against the Roma people living in France, he does not hear back on Wednesday on his remarks. Guay Manuel Valls confirmed and signed. The Minister of Interior has made very har
August 11 category:Justice, Business
Total's booth at the annual show devoted to gas and petrochemicals in Tehran, May 6, 2014. AFP / BEHROUZ MEHRI Justice renewed the assault of the Total Group. The French oil giant was referred on Tuesday, correctional for "corruption of foreign
October 22 category:Justice
FRANCE, Paris: TOPSHOTS form Disgraced IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn (C) leaves Paris' courthouse After Attending a hearing Regarding His seizure request of the new book by Argentinian-born Marcela Iacub detailing Their bond, February 26, 2013. St
November 28 category:News item
The SDF pushed Monday on the Metro lines in Paris a woman of 36 years. Demarthon A fixed 38-year homeless will be judged for pushing correctional Monday on the Metro lines in Paris a woman of 36, who unscathed thanks to the help of tr
March 27 category:Europe
The Romanian couple contemplating the statue of Robert Schuman, a founding member of the European Union, erected in a park in Bucharest on 9 May 2006. REUTERS / Bogdan Cristel You will present on 24 March in Brussels your book, State of the Union 201
October 10 category:Economy
Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economy and Finance here in September 2009. Andrew Winning / Reuters The French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde said Thursday that the government would "correct" the copy on the carbon tax, censored by the
December 30 category:Media
Franz-Olivier Giesbert C. Heli FOG defends his columnist. The boss of the Point on Sunday denounced the "dictatorship of political correctness" and "distressing" in his reactions to Patrick Besson ticket in the weekly, mocking acc
December 30 category:Education
Dictation, a dreaded moment by many elementary and middle school students. Saget What is this experimental set up by the Ministry of Education? All media did their "one" on the establishment of a new marking scheme dictations,
January 1 category:Education
Candidates for the baccalaureate. REUTERS / Stephane Mahe ES Series of students have taken this June 19 the trial of Economic and Social Sciences - Mandatory and products- baccalaureate. Over a period of 4 hours, this event is credited by a factor of
January 21 category:Sport
Bayern Munich, thanks to a brace from Thomas Müller, imposed a correction Barcelona Messi, winning 4-0 in the semi-finals of the Champions League and taking a very good option on the final Tuesday night at the Allianz Arena. Stache B
August 10 category:Businesses
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Germany) Reuters Economist Nouriel Roubini said on Thursday he feared a "correction" in the stock markets in the last quarter of 2009 or the first quarter of 2010, estimating that the rise since March had been

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