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January 1 category:Psycho
Matthieu Ricard accompanied the Dalai Lan at a conference in Nantes in 2008. expects public conference in Nantes August 15, 2008. REUTERS / Stephane Mahe Can we now ensure that the practice of meditation affects the brain? Applied psychology and clin
May 12 category:North America
Ten days after Hurricane Sandy and after the first winter storm of the season, the mayor of New York announced Thursday that gasoline was being rationed at the pump, facing a persistent shortage which he said could last two weeks. afp.com/Mario Tama
June 22 category:Society
COMPANY - The mayor of a municipality Girondaise decided to delete alternative dishes when porce is at school canteen menu. Getty Images / Hemera Vegetarian menu in schools Arveyres. Beginning in the fall of March 18, the Girondins students who do no
July 30 category:Slimming products
The latest fad after the famous Brazilian smoothing? Ration Human! A grain mixture they use in their daily diet to slim down naturally and chase the bad fats. Explanations. That has never dreamed of a Samba dancer silhouette throws us the first stone
Buy, sell, trader, e-commerce Christian Michaels The conditions imposed by the industry for online sales of their products should not hinder the development of e-commerce, which is important to exert competitive pressure on prices, warned Tuesday the
October 20 category:Society
People stand under a banner reading "A dad, a mum, we do not lie to children" Pendant has called Expired demonstration by the "Alliance VITA" Association Against Gay Wedding and adoption by same-sex couples on October 23, 2012 in
January 4 category:Books
A picture taken in January 1945 depicts Auschwitz concentration camp gate and railways icts After liberation by Soviet troops. // Photo taken in January 1945 showing the input grid? E and the rails of the Auschwitz concentration camp apr? S its lib?
January 6 category:Politics, Economics
President François Hollande, told AFP on the crisis in the UMP, advocated on Monday a government "more exemplary" and a faster pace of reform on competitiveness, banks and politics. afp.com/Remy of MAUVINIERE 2012 was the year when, in the
January 6 category:Midi-Pyrénées, Economy
Site Cauquillous in Lavaur headquarters Fabre Dermo-cosmetics sector 24.04.2013 © Emmanuel Grimault / Andia Last autumn, the different sites of Pierre Fabre, rumor fueling discussions coffee machines: the boss of the pharmaceutical group tarnais woul
January 10 category:High Tech
The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates stepped down as president of the board of the American IT group REUTERS / Gus Ruelas After the departure of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft will say goodbye to another iconic figure in its history: its co-founder, Bill
January 12 category:Justice
AZF - Stella Bisseuil, counsel for the Association of Victims of AZF disaster, March 6, 2012 in Toulouse. afp.com/Remy Gabalda The end of a river trial. The Court of Appeal of Toulouse decided on Monday that the explosion of the AZF factory, which ha
January 14 category:Economy
Traders working on the oil prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange on February 1, 2011 REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton Is capitalism really dying? The capitalists in any case are well ... Ron Paul: In the early 1930s, too, the stock market was suddenl
January 17 category:World
Op? Ration Sword's Aim Joroubay in the village of Vall? E Tizin for Action CIMIC (Civil-Military). Providing care? S a m? Decin.militaire. JPGuilloteau / L'Express Between commitment if controversial NATO in Afghanistan, the intervention in Libya, th
January 22 category:Books
In "Avenue of the Giants," Marc Dugain becomes Al Kenner, an American serial killer. Jean-Paul Guilloteau for L'Express If I work so much is because when I play, I'm bored. "A confession Apollinaire Marc Dugain willingly takes up. For
On the occasion of the publication in French of his book, "Log even you" to Belfond editions, the engineer Meng Tan Chade Google gives a lecture in the presence of the monk Matthieu Ricard at the headquarters of Google France in Paris. © Ch
January 28 category:Fashion
© ETIENNE LAURENT / EPA / MAXPPP - epa03638388 Lanvin fashion house designer Alber Elbaz (R) poses with Minnie Mouse wearing a dress by Lanvin fashion house and designed by Alber Elbaz After A fashion show presenting the creations of various designer
January 29 category:Media
Rémy Pflimlin, a CEO in the vice. REUTERS France Télévisions held this morning a new Board of Directors, while the goals and Resources Contract binding, -which pacse-, Rémy Pflimlin Aurélie Filippetti and the state is not always signed. And it is in
January 30 category:Business and direction
"Driven by the magic of this figure, here are seven possible seven frugal acrobatics, while lightweight for 2014." Flickr / Cheesy42 New year, new blooms? 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7. Driven by the magic of this figure, here are seven possible seven
February 3 category:Economy
Rescuers searching for victims in Rikuzentakata, northern Japan REUTERS / Lee Jae-Won Damaged transport infrastructure, rationed electricity, idle plants ... the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami are enormous. The invoice of the earthq
February 7 category:Society, Economy
French Games Friday offers a Super Lotto with a prize pool of € 13 million. afp.com/Joel Saget Find a four-leaf clover, see a shooting star, drag a rabbit's foot in his pocket, touch wood ... If they want to win the millions of French superstitious w

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