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July 7 category:Restaurants
DIAL: our journalist François-Régis Gaudry and Jörg Zipprick, conducted the survey on the Michelin Guide, revealing multiple pans. DR smejanes: Good morning. How do you react to these statements Berengaria Loiseau [Editor's note: posted via his Twitt
November 3 category:Escape, Shopping
Survey, over a nine-month gestation, the country's most unique travel guide and most popular in the world. DR Born in 1998, the same year that the loan-to-wear house, the Louis Vuitton City Guide weighs a feather. Fits in any pocket. Atypical design
April 8 category:Flavours
Of chocolatiers and confectioners France saw red against Marisol Touraine. afp.com/David Gannon Chocolatiers in France are not happy and they hope to know. The purpose of the conflict? Creating a color code informing the nutritional quality of food p
January 2 category:Fashion
Some little chilly British will have to review their neck to get to Ascot. Reuters A move that could break the heart of Princess Beatrice. Addicted to extravagant hats -souvenez you her Philip Treacy hat at the wedding of Kate and William-teenager wi
July 14 category:Health
The guide for the health of users is divided into 26 sheets addressing different patients' rights. capture Rights Defender screen The Defender of Rights consitutionnelle independent authority responsible for the protection of rights and freedoms, pub
December 18 category:High Tech
Google Glass: "Breaking the rules or being rude will not make enthusiastic about shopping glasses, and it will hurt other explorers." A "Google of conduct guide" or manual to reassure potential customers and make effective promoti
February 13 category:Music, VIP Minute
Bob Sinclar at the Blue Night in Marseille. Illustration. Metro Reporter, pitbull150 (Citizen Side) Bob Sinclar would actually steal 300 000 luxury clothing and jewelry in her apartment in the third district of Paris according to Le Parisien. Accordi
February 18 category:Political
After door to door against the FN, PS launches guide to distribute to its members to help them fight against Marine Le Pen's party. afp.com/Jacques Demarthon In the Pas-de-Calais, activists have expressed their dismay when they had to convince voters
February 20 category:Political
Two women wearing a wedding veil, stare at Each Other in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris on December 16, 2012 DURING a demonstration for the legalization of gay wedding and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) parenting. AFP PHOTO /
March 2 category:High Tech
Take into account the contribution of digital technology in teaching practices and programs is part of the mission entrusted to the Board of programs. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK KOVARIK At a time when educational initiatives as questionable Internet license
March 9 category:Society
The Interior Minister presented this Friday a "code of secularism" updated, the 1905 law on the separation of church and state and its additions. The objective is to bring "clarification" on the text. Flickr The 1905 law on the se
March 20 category:Economy
Laurence Parisot up this Corporate Governance Committee as a "policeman" of employers. REUTERS / Jacky Naegelen There is barely a month, Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici renounced legislate on the salaries of private companies bosses provi
March 23 category:HR / Management
Labour Code credits A few days before the Presidential, HR departments of large groups are mobilizing to demand a modernization and an easing of the Labour Code. Meeting within the circle of HRD, they propose various measures to adopt "urgent.
April 6 category:Middle East
Mahmoud Ezzat EGYPT- assume the supreme leader according to the Muslim Brotherhood by ad interim. Reuters / Amr Abdallah Dalsh After the arrest of their supreme leader Mohammed Badie Monday night, the Muslim Brotherhood named Mahmoud Ezzat to replace
April 12 category:HR / Management
1500 IT and telecom references, labeled A to F, based on their eco-responsible behavior: this presents IT eco-guide, edited by Greenflex. istock 1500 IT and telecom references, labeled A to F, based on their eco-responsible behavior: this presents ec
April 17 category:Political
French National Assembly's speaker Bernard Accoyer reacts DURING THE issues to the government session at the National Assembly in Paris January 6, 2009. REUTERS / Jacky Naegelen (FRANCE) Reuters The UMP has thrown a spanner in the works. Met Tuesday
April 17 category:Receipts
Fish with citrus and a bit of salad for a balanced meal in a jiffy! Del Olmo Henri for South Side 4 people Preparation: 15 minutes + salting: 30 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Ingredients 600 g of cod 1 kg of coarse salt the juice of half an orange
April 17 category:Restaurants, Society
The previous record was set in 2002 when Red Guide 1900 had been acquired for 12,500 euros by the Lyon restaurant La Rotonde. Reuters It terrifies chefs and fascinates the public. We imagine sometimes disguised expert in American tourist in Hawaiian
April 29 category:Psycho
SEXO - Betony Vernon publishes "The Boudoir Bible", a guide without taboos to make the pleasure last, couples, and ... life expectancy. P. Stable Ellle receives us at Eden, her boudoir Marais, black silk dressing gown-dress. It is here, in
May 8 category:HR / Management
Taxation of CDD, internal mobility, procedures redundancies ... The law on securing employment upsets the Labour Code. Compare. DR Verbal jousting, adjournments, recourse to Article 44-3 of the Constitution that you can listen to debates ... Nothing

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