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January 2 category:It comes out
This photograph is the reinterpretation of the painting "The Three Graces" seen by David Hamilton. The English photographer, amateur daisies, young blonde girls and defocus (it is he who invented it) was also an admirer of painting, from th
March 3 category:How we did before
You acknowledge perhaps bottle and cap as a dove. Maybe you are viewing, as in a flash, the shelf of your aunt's bathroom on which he sat, when you were little. L'Air du Temps belongs to these classic that many of us can associate with a woman around
February 9 category:Fashion
Beyond blogs, young fashionistas now share their ideas on looks friendly sites. LEXPRESS.fr Styles examined these new places where they pose. DR Modepass French site with international ambitions (the content is translated into English and Italian), M
September 4 category:Dress
Sensual, or vintage rock: discover the creations of the new guard of designers of wedding dresses. (Lola Dress, Harlow Market) DR The marriage of the world moves, and with it his most iconic garment: the wedding dress. If brides today still dream abo
December 8 category:Perfumes
To renew interest olfactory about the most revisited the twentieth century, it takes in his ideas. Davina Muller for L'Express Styles It has long been seen as the symbol of femininity. Then romanticism. Perfume, they know their heyday in the figurati
March 8 category:Movie
CINEMA. David Bowie in Tony Scott's The Hunger (1983). Prod DB Fright Night For those who would never have crossed paths undead first feature film by Tony Scott in 1983, or only on a small TV screen a sleepless night on fire The Five, his stood out i
June 24 category:Why it matters
Behind the sheer beauty of this young woman and the outdated delicacy of her necklace lies the spirit of Sarah Stagliano, creator of Henrietta H, which merged to blur David Hamilton and cultured pearls finely assembled by hand. Zisla Tortello Necklac
August 12 category:Movie
Isabelle Huppert and Anamaria Vartolomei in My little princess Eva Ionesco. Sophie Dulac Distribution Baby face with blue-gray eyes melted melancholy, Eva Ionesco hiding under her mother forty, a loaded past. From the age of four, her mother Irina, p
February 11 category:It comes out
[Youtube] Tvu3PMbPYio [/ youtube] This is the sequel to the story Soko told us here. And the sequel is sad. It is dark like a dirty tattoo or his mane as she stirred at like a mad (and we say we will never cut hair). It's dark yet bright as a picture
March 12 category:Fashion
David Beckham rehabilitates slip. It was in 2008 for Emporio Armani. DR / Armani At 36, the sports soon retire launched his own underwear brand in a few months. It is not yet known if they will be available in France or what look like underpants and
April 11 category:VIP
Grace Kelly, still in the heart of Monaco, thirty years after his death. Maxppp "There 'Does the world a beautiful place this piece of heaven!" Exclaims the actress Grace Kelly in the summer of 1954 overlooking Monaco driving a convertible
May 2 category:Movie
Executive producer David Lynch expect the premiere of the movie "Surveillance" at the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles June 15, 2009. REUTERS / Mario Anzuoni Who has not found embarrassed one day to explain the end of a movie, likely jumped
July 14 category:Culture
Romy Schneider opposite Yves Montand in César and Rosalie, a masterpiece by Claude Sautet. © Fildebroc Prod DB-UPF / Mega Film / DR Alexis Jenni Candide in the land of Goncourt Honored Wednesday by the Goncourt for his first novel, The French Art of
August 5 category:Sport
The British driver Lewis Hamilton Mercedes-AMG wins 1st place at the GP of Great Britain at Silverstone this July 6, 2014. afp.com Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the Grand Prix of Great Britain Formula 1 this Sunday at Silverstone and completely re-la
September 27 category:Movie
"In the picture, there is no better than Cannes opening" will be glad at Gaumont. © SquareOne / Universum Every year it's the same circus. More or fewer stars on the track. With varying plume in the show. For one day in May, TVs, radios and
January 9 category:Books
David Foenkinos humorously depicts banal conflicts. © Arnaud February / Flammarion It's semi-pocket, but a real novel, published by I read paperbacks editor for fifty-five years. One of tit for tat, at a time when the traditional publishing houses mu
January 11 category:It comes out
[Youtube] sYIUnIBrp9s [/ youtube] Once again, the dailyELLE is coming to TV in the show "A life in fashion" every Friday at 20:40 on Stylia. Find here every Saturday highlights of the week narrated by Lauren Bastide. This time she talking a
January 14 category:It comes out
[Youtube] Im583i7jKVU [/ youtube] We do not know how David Lynch takes pictures both his photomontages are fantastic. In any case, we now know how he projects them. With a fire extinguisher, technical fitting pretty pissed off with her hair. Until Ma
January 29 category:Music
The cover of the album The Next Day. DR Monday 25 February, fifteen journalists at table in a room in the basement at Sony headquarters in Paris was treated to listening in preview the new album by David Bowie, whose output is scheduled for March 11.
January 29 category:Europe
The Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron found himself under strong pressure Saturday after "beating" according to the press suffered by his government to municipal, where the bubbling Boris Johnson narrowly re-elected Mayor of London

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