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June 20 category:Africa
Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi (R) listens to His Chief of Protocol Nuri al-Mismari DURING THE closing of the special summit on regional conflicts in Tripoli August 31, 2009. REUTERS / Ismail Zetouny (LIBYA POLITICS) REUTERS / Ismail Zetouny The prot
September 7 category:Africa
Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi (R) listens to His Chief of Protocol Nuri al-Mismari DURING THE closing of the special summit on regional conflicts in Tripoli August 31, 2009. REUTERS / Ismail Zetouny (LIBYA POLITICS) REUTERS / Ismail Zetouny Anyone w
February 12 category:Europe
People flock to the clinic Quiete in Udine in Italy, where doctors had agreed to take care of Eluana and lead to its assisted dying. REUTERS / Daniel Raunig Eluana, the Italian who was in a vegetative state for 17 years, died Monday evening dehydrati
January 9 category:Politics, Asia
The couple-François Hollande Valerie Trierweiler, here on his arrival in Algeria December 19, 2012, challenges the protocol habits. REUTERS / Philippe Wojaze On the match that pitted him against remote Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Valerie Trierweiler just sc
March 9 category:Businesses
The employees of The redoubt for an action by the company disturbances on Wednesday. AFP The employees of La Redoute, met Tuesday in Wattrelos (North) in general meeting, voted against the draft agreement on the social plan proposed yesterday by the
June 22 category:VIP, Politics
"We did not marry for protocol questions, we marry by choice," said Francois Hollande during a meeting with South West players, published Wednesday by the daily, when we asked about a possible marriage to his girlfriend, Valerie Trierweiler
August 27 category:Football
The striker of Team France, Franck Ribery, refused a cortisone injection for the Blues staff to participate in the World Cup. afp.com/Franck Fife Franck Ribery pass at the World Cup no end to talking. The main interest has broken his silence to clari
July 19 category:World Politics
The White House had upset the preparations of the state dinner with Barack Obama and François Hollande, after breaking the French president with his partner Valerie Trierweiler. REUTERS / Eric Feferberg / Pool François Hollande will be starting on Mo
April 9 category:Economy
A worker turns a valve at the compressor station Nesvizhskaya Some 130 km (81 miles) from Minsk January 9, 2009. Ukraine HAS Given verbal agreement for the deployment of international gas transit APÉNDICE, the chief of the Russian state-controlled ga
January 1 category:Psycho
Chade-Meng Tan according, author of "Connect to yourself," "Meditation helps to improve a range of functions, attention to the activity of the brain." Fuse / Getty Images "In my iPhone, I have twenty-one apps to meditate. Som
January 2 category:World
NSA information on France would have been provided by the DGSE. AFP / Paul J. Richards 70 million communications intercepted France in a month were they provided by France itself? This is the theory of General Keith Alexander, head of the NSA - the A
January 2 category:North America
A Man took 40 minutes to die because of a failed procedure. afp.com/Nicholas Kamm Forty-three minutes too. Oklahoma, southern state of the United States, practiced Tuesday its first double execution for nearly 80 years. But from the beginning, everyt
January 4 category:Arts
The Terracotta Army of burial predecessor Han Qin Shi Huangdi, discovered in 1974. REUTERS / David Gray Would it be a quote from Confucius Analects? Probably not. Although the Chinese sage would certainly tasted the timelessness of this anonymous aph
January 6 category:High Tech / Logistics / R & D
Search, woman, microscope, laboratory Blend Images LLC Want to hire a differentiation strategy by working on feeling taste, sight, touch, sound consumer in relation to your products? CERTESENS can help you find a sensory signature. This new research
January 8 category:Environment, Traffic
French Soldiers and volontaires clean the beach from Saint-Michel gooey blobs of oil, Believed to come from the sunken tanker "Erika", in Batz-sur-Mer, western France December 27. Thousand of tons of heavy fuel oil has-been drifting Slowly
January 9 category:Celebrity news
Closer gets the royal family to back. The celebrity magazine announced Friday morning pictures of Kate Middleton exclusively ... and half naked! The surprise could not have been pleasant for Kate Middleton and Prince William. On Friday, the Closer ma
January 15 category:Topicality
The head of the Arab observers in Syria presents a report Thursday "decisive" for the pursuit of its mission increasingly criticized for its inability to stop the violence, said the number two of the Arab League. afp.com/Khaled Desouki The
January 16 category:World, High Tech
After the attacks, Norwegian stores have removed some of the "violent" video games from their shelves. A little faster? Flickr / Cara Photography Elves and other trolls who spend their evenings on the game World of Warcraft are unhappy. In
January 18 category:Middle East
Syrians protest opposing the Assad regime on Sunday in Cairo, where the first report of the mission of the Arab League has been delivered. REUTERS / Asmaa Waguih Their first report was highly anticipated. The observers of the Arab League in Syria req
January 23 category:Economy
Nicolas Sarkozy 9 December 2011 in Brussels afp.com/Eric Feferberg A victory subdued. The new agreement to strengthen fiscal discipline in the euro area will be adopted by the 17 members of the euro zone and the willing because of the refusal of Brit

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