early symptoms of heart blockage

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April 10 category:Health News
A US study published Tuesday, September 5 in Science Translational Medicine, shows that sleep disorders could be early symptoms of Alzheimer's. Facts which, if they were to be confirmed by scientific tests to come, would detect the disease much earli
January 2 category:High Tech
Placed on an iPod or iPad, and connected to a blood pressure monitor, the iHealth blood pressure analysis station. © Jérôme Chatin Claire, 46, has breast cancer. She learned on Google. Equipped with a routine mammogram showing a "small lesion,
April 22 category:Health News
On the occasion of the World Day of Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) on 29 October, the Ministry of Health and the medical community are mobilizing to stress the urgency of taking care of the victims of this disease that affects a person every five s
July 2 category:Health News
With a screening at age 55 by a lumbar puncture, Alzheimer's disease would be cured through a replacement of a molecule as deficient protein identified in affected individuals ... A revolution still in its infancy, but can "go fast "accordi
August 19 category:Health
"We hope that this report will attract more attention to the health of 10-19 years and used to trigger accelerated action" on their health problems, says a WHO official. afp.com/Frederick Florin "The world does not devote sufficient at
June 3 category:Health
Premature babies are five times more likely to be autistic. REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins Premature babies have a higher risk of autism than those born with normal weight. This is what reveals a survey published in the American medical journal Pedi
June 12 category:Books
Franz-Olivier Giesbert C. Heli The man pretended to advance towards you, as the lamb in the cold of winter, without cover or pretense. "I have nothing to hide," suggests, the mid-mocking eye, the author of a great love, Franz-Olivier Giesbe
September 21 category:Health
Alzheimer's disease patient Isidora Tomaz, 82, sits in an armchair in her house in Lisbon September 15, 2009. Several low income families with Alzheimer's Portuguese patients under care are supported by Their Portugal Alzheimer's Association, charity
January 4 category:Health News
This is because each year are 150,000 people affected by stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident) that on October 29 was declared a day of stroke. On this occasion, the French Society Neuro Vascular (SFNV) supported by the medical profession as well as th
October 29 category:Health
To reduce your snoring, avoid drinking alcohol or smoking before bed. Getty Images / iStockphoto Notice to snorers. According to a recent study published in the journal Neurology, people with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, would present early c
October 20 category:Science, Health
For the second time, a child born with HIV virus displays a lack of a few months early antiretroviral treatment. AFP PHOTO / JOSEP LAGO The case revives hopes for recovery. On Wednesday, US researchers announced that a baby girl born with HIV - his m
June 15 category:Politics, Education
There were thousands of young people, school and university students to manifest in October to demand the return to France and Leonarda Khatchik two foreigners expelled. AFP PHOTO KENZO TRIBOUILLARD Autumn is definitely tough for the executive. After
August 5 category:Society
Of parents refused to put them in school because of the presence of a child recently returned from Guinea. They fear he is infected with Ebola virus, although it has no symptoms. afp.com/Jeff Pachoud Psychosis early in Boulogne-Billancourt. Three par
September 9 category:Child Health
What are the symptoms of miscarriage? Getty Images / Lightwavemedia "Theoretically, one speaks of miscarriage up to 6 months of pregnancy, but the vast majority of which occurs before the end of the second month. In addition, the risk drops dram
January 6 category:Society
The management of Air France said Thursday that all flights were on Friday this stage, but maintained that disturbances were to be expected due to the strike notice filed by three minority unions drivers until Monday. afp.com/Thomas Samson The main p
January 27 category:Political
The government spokesman Valerie Pécresse in the National Assembly, 13 July 2011 afp.com/Bertrand Guay The amended Finance Bill 2011 endorsing the European agreement on aid for Greece and the strengthening of the rescue fund for the euro area will be
February 4 category:Political
Raffarin: "I see Nicolas Sarkozy in some traits that are fairly constant, such impatience" AFP PHOTO / WILLIAM Souvant Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin (UMP) believes that "impatience" remained a "constant feature
February 18 category:Europe
The Bundestag studied from Wednesday 29 January on pensions reform project of the new coalition led by Angela Merkel. afp.com/John Macdougall Mid-January, the Social Democratic Minister Andrea Nahles had presented to his colleagues the burning issue
February 19 category:Europe
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou abandoned his referendum proposal. REUTERS The end of the standoff? The two main Greek political parties reached a political agreement Sunday night to form a national unity government in an attempt to get the co
March 11 category:Health
The government decided to establish the "neutral" pack of cigarettes without logos or other distinguishing marks afp.com/Denis Charlet According to Health Minister Marisol Touraine, neutral pack of cigarettes should arrive in tobacconists b

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