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August 28 category:TV
Sherlock and Watson find themselves facing a murder in a ballet classical dance. Screenshot Earlier in Elementary: Sherlock and Joan were busy tracking down the thief of a dinosaur fossil, so busy that Sherlock has struggled to help the ex-junkie he
January 15 category:TV
Lucy Liu, Dr. Watson Elementary REUTERS Given the success of the franchise Sherlock Holmes film and the series Sherlock aired on the BBC in England, the Americans put in their own yard Sherlock Holmes. CBS has ordered a new series, Elementary. Adapte
March 25 category:Education
In what state is the elementary school today? Flickr.com/ Old Shoe Woman The school was very rough ride for years. Teachers can not work at all in peace. He just has to see what is happening, especially in Paris, with the reform of school time. I was
April 23 category:TV
Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes will be opposed Lestrade, Sherlock former partner at Scotland Yard. Screenshot Earlier in Elementary: The two detectives investigating the murder of a dancer, who flirts Holmes, while Watson is responsible only for the
August 5 category:TV
Sherlock will still have to use his incredible ability deduction to solve the case of this episode. Screenshot Earlier in Elementary: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson decide to host home Lestrade, former partner Holmes at Scotland Yard ... The house b
August 9 category:Culture, Books
The young and ambitious director Julien Gosselin will adapt The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq in Avignon Festival (2013). Philippe Huguen The young and ambitious director Julien Gosselin (26) will adapt The Elementary Particles by Michel
January 6 category:Education
The steering committee on <Link Url="http://www.lexpress.fr/actualite/societe/education/les-rythmes-scolaires-en-question_858152.html" Target = "_ self"> school timetables </ link> wants to return to a week at least ni
September 27 category:News item
Firefighters intervened Saturday night to extinguish the fire that destroyed the office of school director Paul Vaillant-Couturier, Bagnolet. Venantius afp.com/Loic An elementary school targeted a few days before school starts. A fire tore through Sa
April 16 category:TV
Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu embody Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson Elementary, modern adaptation of the adventures of the famous detective. Screenshot The year 2014 started under the sign of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. While Season 3
May 17 category:North America
Newton shooting Connecticut REUTERS / Michelle McLoughlin A shooting took place on Friday in an elementary school in Connecticut, northeast of the United States, said the local police, without giving further details immediately. CBS News says the sho
June 17 category:TV
Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller embody the tandem Watson and Holmes Elementary, the American adaptation of the adventures of the famous detective. Screenshot Bad news from reading the latest figures from Médiamétrie: Elementary has tripped over the car
September 4 category:TV
Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, friends in life, embody both the detective Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock respectively Elementary and series. Screenshot Season 3 Sherlock is (already) finished and fans are already missing. Finally already ove
March 6 category:Political
The socialist project for 2012 was adopted by 95.14% by the activists said Friday Christophe Borgel, national secretary of the Socialist Party in the elections, who said that 74,500 activists voted on just under 150,000 registered. afp.com/Joel Saget
March 25 category:Outputs
To mark the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Science and the International Year of Chemistry, the Quai Branly Museum, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Palace of Discovery and the Natural History Museum in Paris combine to carry out a scientific
April 24 category:Topicality
Getty Images / iStockphoto This artificial intelligence computer program has been designed in order to answer questions posed in natural language. With its multiple servers and processors, Watson bluffed his whole world in 2011 by winning quite widel
November 1 category:Education
Vincent Peillon, the Minister of Education, said Tuesday that the return to five-day week in the primary school should lead classes on Wednesday morning. (Reuters / Charles Platiau) The return to the five-day week in the primary school should lead cl
November 18 category:Books
The researcher Werner Heisenberg in the 1930s. CORBIS He always miss something human knowledge. The new novel, short and masterly, Jerome Ferrari demonstrates by a + b. Like its title, Principle, referring to the principle known as "incomplete
October 9 category:Catwalks
FASHION WEEK - Report of the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show fall-winter 2013-2014, in New York. REUTERS "Savile Row that meets Harvard." Here's how Tommy Hilfiger summarizes his autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection, presented at the Seventh Regi
January 2 category:Society
The court ruled in favor of Catholic associations who demanded the closure of a sex shop located within 200 meters of a school. REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch Are sex toys pornographic objects? Yes, judging by the decision of the Paris court. He told guil
January 4 category:Practice
Witnesses married are responsible for program games to punctuate the evening of the wedding. On the program: questions to the couple, treasure hunt for guests and blind custom test. DR Commonalities guests A page numbered several proposals is distrib

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