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February 16 category:All the details
Leather jewelry entirely handmade, that's what provides the Parisian designer Fabien Ifirès. Manufactured in France by hand sewing technique luxurious upholstery, his cuffs, necklaces and earrings are more effective than pearls. And the undeniable ad
August 19 category:Employment
FABIEN G., Head Edge dr Key dates 1998: Obtaining a photographer BTM 2003 - 2006: Real Estate Agent in Liberal 2006 - 2010: Many sales positions and Service 2011: Enter at SNCF Most business: The diversity of days and responsibilities. Autonomy in th
September 29 category:Books
"A garden on the stomach" by Fabienne Berthaud Fabienne Berthaud has written several novels, but she became known as a director ("Frankie" and recently "Lily Sometimes"). "A garden on the belly" begins with a d
December 23 category:Flavors, TV
Jean-Philippe, Aurélie Hemar and Cyril Lignac will overlook the Top Chef. J.Knaub / M6 Cramées of shallots? "It's okay," tempers Naoëlle, Top Chef candidate undergoing the storm of the first event, around the offal and duet with M6 facilita
February 8 category:Media
MEDIA - Fabien Namias, director of information in Europe, finds that DSK is not the victim of a "media relentlessly." Christophe Russeil / FTV Will he a media fury against Dominique Strauss-Kahn? In an interview to the magazine Le Point, th
August 8 category:Sciences
Fabienne Justel wants to have a child of her husband who died in 2008. AFP PHOTO / FRANK PERRY. Fabienne Justel What arguments can it invoke in court? One might think that there was a lack of information. Fabienne and Dominique Justel did not know th
June 10 category:Marriage
Fabienne and Charly © Fabienne Godin The encounter Fabienne and her husband met in 2005 when it returned from Africa where he had been sent on a mission. Charly's military and Fabienne, fireman! Two jobs very busy schedules that have asked to redoubl
July 29 category:Economy
Perched on his car customized, exception-laborer driver connects the lengths like an Olympic swimmer. © Jean-Paul Guilloteau / L'Express Crouching in the field, Bertrand Landré released a patched smartphone screen. "Your opening is perfect. I ke
January 5 category:UMP
Jean-Francois Cope and Fillon came to support the candidate in Strasbourg municipal Fabienne Keller. AFP / Frederick Florin In the dark and cool Strasbourg, Jean-Francois Cope and Fillon awaiting the signal Fabienne Keller to enter the room where 600
July 16 category:Rugby
Fabien Galthié, coach rugby club in the Top 14 in Montpellier, December 5, 2014 in Montpellier. afp.com/Pascal Guyot Fabien Galthié, the manager of the Montpellier rugby team, was put off by the club president Mohed Altrad. A decision that comes afte
August 11 category:All the details
Mehdy Metella, Fabien Gilot and Florent Manaudou are not content to part with Jeremy Stravius, the quartet that won gold in the test of 4 x 100 meter swim at the European Championships in Berlin. They are also the team that gave us the crazy idea of
May 13 category:Media
Fabien Namias, CEO of Europe since 1 March 2013, returns to radio audiences this season. Lexpress.fr With an audience decline in September and October, Europe 1 missed his return, according to the latest study by Médiamétrie. In an interview with Tél
November 27 category:Deco / Design
The Marseille tandem, which broadcasts the leading brands of contemporary furniture, is a leader. Meet those who shape the design of the windows. DR Since opening its first store in 1991, the duo has been busy family. In a few years, Marseille Paul a
January 1 category:Books
Portrait of American novelist John Irving in Amsterdam, April 22, 2002. Irving visited Amsterdam to do a book signing session in a bookstore in Amsterdam. TO MATCH FEATURE ARTS-IRVING REUTERS / Michael Kooren MKN REUTERS / Michael Kooren France, land
January 3 category:Political
HOLIDAY - Francois Hollande and members of the government are trying to keep a low profile during their rest time. Even exaggerating. AFP PHOTO / BORIS HORVAT Holiday Mr. Normal Above all, stay in the shade. François Hollande, Jean-Marc Ayrault and t
January 5 category:Business Ideas
"Feed your ideas and your professional network around a Busymeal meal" with their Mybusymeal, Sebastian and Fabien Carraro platform allow networking lunch. dr Finding the answer to one of his business problems, find new synergies ..., good
January 6 category:Justice
Financially unable to adjust the club Olympique de Marseille deposit balance in 1993, the Urssaf Bouches-du-Rhône decided to claim before the Marseille Commercial Court unpaid debts by Bernard Tapie this time. afp.com/Boris Horvat The case dates back
January 9 category:Society
PRISON - A prisoner who asked to benefit from the rules of labor law in an employment exercised in custody was awarded Friday successful before the Board of Paris tribunal. Bellota Films She gets justice law enforcement of prison labor. One inmate wh
January 9 category:Society
Combining ity and activities, the Pierre Botton program looks like a contract. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY Why are you leaving the Heart Prisons presidency in favor of Claude Baillard? Our association created there are two and a half years, took a majo
January 10 category:Sport
French players celebrate their qualification for the second round of the Eurobasket after their victory over Italy, September 4, 2011 in Siauliai in Lithuania. France has qualified for the second round of the Eurobasket by winning against Italy (91-8

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