fatal poisons for humans

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August 20 category:Health
A Qualicaps employee handles pills DURING a demonstration of the company's Visual Inspection Machine, qui tablets examined for cracks and defects, at the 21st Japan Interphex pharmaceutical exhibition in Tokyo July 2, 2008. REUTERS / Michael Caronna
February 18 category:Justice
Dr. Nicolas Bonnemaison (G), accompanied? his? wife, talking to a al? gue September 6, 2011, after? s his appearance before the Pau Court of Appeal. Nicolas Bonnemaison, 50, practitioner emergency? the hospital of Bayonne, is soup? onn? to have pract
April 11 category:Movie
Our contributor, <Link Url = "http://communaute.lexpress.fr/membre/bertie"> Bertie </ link>, enthusiastic initially, was finally disappointed by the latest thriller from Steven Soderbergh. DR Barely six months after the release
June 16 category:World
Two workers died and six others wounded on the ship dismantling yard MS Pacific, famous for its bridge loan filming the television series "The Love Boat" in Turkey. (The Pacific Princess here in Sydney Harbour on 10 April 2005). afp.com/Gre
August 18 category:Flavours
In the UK, they are called flexitarians. Good for your health and the planet, this part-time vegetarianism is gaining ground. Emilie Plateau Soya, a nice canteen 100% organic recently hatched in the east of the capital. A slate, salads, tians, vegeta
July 15 category:Food Guide
"Dairy products are our friends for life"? This is at least what we thought until the 2000s, but since then, several voices were raised to denounce the evils of cow's milk for humans. Between the recommendations of certain bodies and the ac
November 8 category:Political
Francois Hollande, Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy. DR By a profound paradoxes which it secret, France has sent back facing right side and left in a duel to three. The first round of the presidential election on April 22, gave Hollande ahead withou
December 7 category:Movie
Even shot through in the first part, Stephen Lang is expected to return in Avatar 2. DR If the return of Sam Worthington on Pandora for Avatar 2 is hardly a surprise, that of Stephen Lang may leave more confused. The fact that he shot through in the
January 12 category:South America
The remains of President Hugo Chavez, whose state funeral will be held Friday will be visible "at least seven more days", said Thursday the Venezuelan interim president, Nicolas Maduro. afp.com/Luis Camacho Caracas seems to succumb to the c
July 1 category:FN, Fait divers
A report found the FN elected Eric Assad "in a state of insanity" when he killed a man of 23, in 1979. (Image for illustration) afp.com/Thierry ZOCCOLAN A councilor of the National Front, elected on 30 March in Clermont-Ferrand, was the aut
September 18 category:Health Flavors
Several rules to remember before embarking mushroom picking. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE DESMAZES Prudence during your autumn forest walks. 546 cases of poisoning, including a severe case in a child related to the consumption of mushrooms, were recorded bet
December 17 category:Flavours
The same batch of meat bought in a hypermarket in Angers is also suspected of causing food poisoning. AFP A human tooth two centimeters, fitted with a metal crown, was found in a burger sold by a large area of Angers Ouest-France reveals the daily in
January 4 category:North America
A security guard wears a mask in Mexico City April 24, 2009. A deadly strain of swine flu never seen Before has broken out in Mexico, killing at least 16 people and raising fears it is spreading across North America. The World Health Organization Sai
November 17 category:Sciences
They are responsible for the death of five people in 12 months on the Australian west coast. They, are the sharks, the dangerousness made famous by the movie <italic> ItaliqueLes Jaws / Italic </ italic> DR The study of the brain has rece
December 11 category:Health
Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds in Africa and between 1 and 3 million people per year, according to WHO estimates. Flickers / Guillaumin There are holiday memories that we never would bring. In your luggage, in addition to the usual trinkets
December 21 category:Flavours
ALCOHOL - Since September 15, various poisoning due to adulterated alcohol were detected in Eastern Europe. Getty Images / Image Source Alarmed by the high death rate caused by adulterated alcohol, Poland has banned the sale of alcohol from the Czech
May 24 category:Culture
Screen shot of raspoutine film. Gerard Depardieu France 3. Screenshot 3 France Gerard Depardieu has chosen Russia, Brigitte Bardot says she is ready to do the same if the president does not pardon the two elephants threatened euthanasia due to tuberc
May 30 category:Africa
Warm and genuine, President Thomas Boni Yayi stiffened in adversity, to the point of being threatened. Ch.Placide / Reuters C e psychodrama Saharan brings together in a spicy cocktail all the ingredients of a spy novel. A thriller straight out of a w
June 29 category:Society
"Always children are murdered. Must be fatalistic?" Reuters / Charles Platiau These tragic melodies all have the same verses. First the dizzying fear of death, because a child can not wait, a cell phone rings in a vacuum, a purse was found
August 4 category:News item
Ludivine Chambet "could not get over" the death of his mother last June, said his uncle Bernard Chambet. afp.com/Philippe Desmazes "Serene, speaking coherently, calm and collected" is how Ludivine Chambet is described. This caregi

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